Impetus to achieve: The dream must be bigger than the fear

Comedian, motivational speaker, talk and game show host Steve Harvey says when you are pursuing a dream, fear will always be a part of it.

He goes on to say that for you to ultimately conquer your fear and succeed, the dream has got to be bigger than the fear. He also goes on to say that you need not share your dreams with small minded people.

What Steve Harvey says is very much worth considering for all those that are pursuing big dreams. There is no getting there without taking risks and it is these risks that instil fear in those that are pursuing their dreams. If you are conquered by fear, you will never get what you want, and so indeed the dream has got to be bigger than the fear.

Dreams indeed can come true. One thing we must never do is limit our selves, God’s mercy and blessings are endless, and he can uplift you from being the downtrodden of society to being the cream de la cream of society, or as we like to say – apa mwamba.

Just as an illustration consider what legendary author Napolean Hill wrote so many years ago, the true story of a Negro farm labourer in his book Success with a positive mental attitude: “S B Fuller is one of seven children of a Negro tenant farmer in Louisiana. He started to work at the age of five. By the time he was nine, he was dragging mules.

There was nothing unusual in this, the children of most of the tenant farmers went to work early. These families accepted poverty as their lot and asked for no better. Young Fuller was different from his friends in one way – he had a remarkable mother.

His mother refused to accept this hand to mouth existence for her children. Though it was all she had ever known, she knew that there was something wrong with her family was barely getting along in a world of joy and plenty.

She used to talk to her son about her dreams: ‘We shouldn’t be poor S B,’ she used to say, ‘and don’t ever let me hear you say that it is God’s will that we are poor. We are poor, not because of God, we are poor because father has never developed a desire to become rich. No one in our family has ever developed a desire to be anything else. No one had developed a desire to be wealthy.’

“This idea became so deeply engrained in Fuller’s mind that it changed his whole life; he began to want to be rich. He kept his mind on the things he did want and off the things he didn’t want.

Thus, he developed a burning desire to become rich. The quickest way to make money he decided was to sell something. He chose soap. For twelve years, he sold it door to door, then he learned that the company which supplied him was going to be sold at auction.

The firm price was US $150,000. In twelve years of selling and setting aside every penny, he had saved US $ 25,000. It was agreed that he would deposit his US $ 25,000 and obtain the balance of US $ 125,000 over a ten day period. Written into the contract was the condition that if he did not raise the money, he would lose his deposit of US $ 25,000.

During his twelve years as a soap salesman, SB Fuller had gained the respect and admiration of many businessmen – he went to them now. He obtained money from personal friends too, and from Loan companies and Investment Groups. On the eve of the 10th day, he had raised US $ 115,000, he was US $ 10,000 short.

“Search for the light. ‘I had exhausted every source of credit I knew,’ he recalls, ‘it was late at night in the darkness of my room, I knelt down and prayed. I asked God to lead me to a person that would let me have the US $ 10,000 on time. I said to myself – I will drive down 61st street until I saw the first light in a business establishment. I asked God to make the light a sign indicating his answer.’

It was 11 O’ clock at night when S B Fuller drove down Chicago’s 61st street. At last after several blocks, he saw a light in a contractor’s office. He walked in. There, seated at his desk, tired from working late at night sat a man whom Fuller knew slightly. Fuller realised that he would have to be bold. ‘Do you want to make US $ 1,000?’ Fuller asked straight out.

The contractor was taken aback at the question. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘Of course.’ ‘Then make out a cheque for US $ 10,000 and when I bring back the money, I’ll bring back another US $ 1,000 profit,’ Fuller recalls telling this man. He gave the contractor the names of the other people who had lent him money and explained in detail what exactly the business venture was. Let’s explore his secret of success. Before he left that night S B Fuller had a cheque for US $ 10,000 in his pocket.

“Subsequently, he obtained controlling interest not only in that company, but in seven others…. When we asked him recently to explore with us the secrets of his success, he answered in terms of his mother’s statement so many years ago: ‘We’re poor, not because of God.

We’re poor because father has never developed a desire to become rich. No one in our family has ever developed a desire to be anything else.’ ‘You see,’ he told us ‘I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to get it, so I read the Bible and Inspirational books for a purpose.

I prayed for the knowledge to achieve my objectives…….My greatest inspiration comes from reading the Bible’…..S B Fuller was able to bring into reality ideas that were formerly mere day dreams. The important thing to notice here is that S B Fuller started life with fewer advantages than most of us have, but he chose a big goal and headed for it.”

The way Napoleon Hill covers the story of S B Fuller’s rise from humble beginnings to a prosperous adulthood is done so vividly, I feel as though there is nothing more I can add. My reason for telling this story is to remind that dreams do come true. And S B Fuller’s humble beginnings remind us that whatever one’s station in life, however humiliatingly low that station is, with strong will and determination, every individual can be uplifted. God can give you that strength and direction to fight and succeed.

But take the time to think about the different points at which S B Fuller must have had much fear. For a humble farm labourer to first and foremost consider going into business with a big vision can be such a rarity; how prevalent is such a culture in Zambia, very rarely do casual labourers dream of being in big business.

Secondly, he figured that the easiest way to make money was to sell something. Again, how prevalent is that culture in Zambia of going door to door trying to sell something in order to make some money? Quite rare, everybody thinks they are too important to do that – including those that are starving to death ironically. S B Fuller himself should have been fearful, but clearly his dream was much bigger than his fear, and he pursued it.

Back to another thing that Steve Harvey said which is in the first paragraph; Harvey mentioned that you need not share your dreams with small minded people. Again, there is much truth to this. Sharing big dreams with people is always an interesting to experience. I think Zambia is a bit short of big dreamers.

Almost everywhere you look, young and old people cannot understand those that pursue big dreams. Sometimes, it’s not small mindedness so much as risk aversion being a real part of our national culture.

We are still largely faced with a population that has completely failed to grasp the concept of entrepreneurship. Many Zambians look at those that seek to start small businesses as failures for some reason – quite strange indeed.

Perhaps this is because many of the people out there running micro & small businesses tend to do so out of necessity due to their lack of a formal education and hence they have limited prospects of making their way in formal employment. This national psyche where people cannot understand entrepreneurship never ceases to amaze me because it involves even high level, well-educated corporate staff in Zambia.

But anyway, in every society, progress is driven by those few individuals who appreciate the challenges of their time and choose to stand up and find the answers, rather than sit on the side lines and watch their country remain behind.

So for those of you out there fighting for your big dreams to come true and having moments of fear and self-doubt, always remember that the dream has got to be bigger than the fear.

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