The dismissal of the injunction against Movement for Multi -Party Democracy members to hold a convention in Kabwe was expected.

The will of the people cannot be suppressed by any means not even with such fallacies as fear, use of authority or indeed ridicule.

What has happened to MMD must be a lesson to all other politicians that they must address the truth and not introduce red herrings whose intention is to make a logical detour around issues and concerns of the Zambian people.

The travail, consternation and extreme upheaval suffered in the MMD was totally unnecessary if a logical and common sense approach had been taken to resolving the leadership problems facing the party.

It should become a mantra in our county and especially among political parties that whenever in doubt these should be resolved against one’s self rather than seek excuses for extending blame.

What the court, in the MMD case, has done is to interpret correctly the principles enshrined in liberal democracy which thrives on diversity as an epistemic imperative which must not only be observed but must constitute the very life, practice and culture of any organization that seeks to present itself as  democratic.

That is why it is very frustrating, annoying and to a large extent treasonous for opposition organizations to question, undermine and raise issues of credibility against the electoral process without providing any iota of truth, evidence or cogent challenge to the reasons that led both the Zambia Public Procurement Authority and Electoral Commission to award the ballot printing company to a Dubai company.

Neither Edith Nawakwi, nor Hakainde Hichilema, nor Wynter Kabimba nor indeed their mouth piece in the cartel, has told this country why the Dubai company should not be awarded the contract against the South African company they favour.

Edith Nawakwi has insisted that ministers and officers from State House have been to Dubai over the printing contract but has never stated how the rigging is to be conducted.

Surely, just because ballots are to be printed in Dubai does not mean that Government officers including those from State House cannot pass through Dubai.

Edith Nawakwi and other leaders must provide the link and proof of the manner in which printing of the ballots in Dubai will disenfranchise Zambians.

The ECZ has given eight reasons why the South African company has lost the bid.  But the cartel and its opposition stooges have not advanced a single reason why they are opposed to the decision.   They have instead gone on a limb scandalizing individuals and institutions in the hope of firstly undermining in advance the results of elections where they lose, and secondly perhaps promoting the business interests of other bidders who have lost.

Zambians will remember that in the last elections the UPND campaigned against a South African company that produced ballot papers to the extent of impounding, detaining and forcibly opening a container truck which was alleged to contain pre-marked ballot papers.

What has changed now that South Africa and a particular South African company should be trusted to print ballot papers?

Our opposition must realize that fear-mongering; saber-rattling and generally casting aspersions will not win votes.  It will instead estrange logical and sober-minded Zambians who believe in objectivity rather than subjectivity.

Democracy must be allowed to flourish in this country.  It should not be truncated by appeals to courts of law or in their sheer spite and malicious aspersions.

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