UNIP, FDD and Green Party wasted nomination fees



The Electoral Commission of Zambia should have increased further the fees for presidential nominations to stop parties such as UNIP, FDD and Green Party from participating because  their money has  just been thrown into the Kariba dam.

Morris Pumulo 

Where are the 500,000 jobs?


I would like to appeal to all the political parties taking part in this year’s general elections to engage in issue-based campaigns. As a voter I want to hear who will create real jobs not just mere pronouncements we have been subjected to by the current government. Our youths particularly graduates are roaming the streets looking for jobs but they can’t any. Where are the promised 500,000 jobs? I wish also to urge these parties to educate their cadres not to engage in violence. We are one family, please.

Concerned Voter


East assures UPND


Here in Eastern Province we will now give you UPND the vote, especially our friends in Lundazi. I was there and I monitored other PF cadres who told me that they just want to eat with PF but will not give them votes. Go UPND!



Lungu dining with wrong people


Lungu is dining with wrong people. Hats off, though, for his advice to his followers to stop using offensive language. If I am not mistaken he is the only political leader who has condemned his party members openly for their provocative behaviour.

Concerned citizen

Disband Chipata DVEC


I would like to appeal to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to dissolve the Chipata DVEC and put in new officers for it to work more effectively than now. We want to see dissolution of the committee for justice to prevail. The Anti-Corruption Commission is dead here in Chipata.

Concerened Zambian


Council grants misapplied


Does Government monitor grants sent to councils throughout Zambia? Auditors from Local Government are compromised? If they are serious with their work they should see how some councils are misapplying these funds.

Concerned Council Worker


UPND big wigs deserve to go


I don’t see anything wrong in former UPND leaders in Southern Province losing the primaries as long as the new ones are popular. After all the motive is to elect effective leaders who will develop those areas. The truth is that voters are the employers and if they feel that the old leaders should be removed it was within their right because these positions are not personal-to-holder, meaning any popular candidate today can be elected.

Francis Chaaba


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