Convention on course , says MMD


WE ARE going ahead with the convention because claims by Nevers Mumba that the courts had commenced contempt proceedings against us and that there is an injunction against holding the event are all fake and aimed at derailing our programme, Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) national chairperson Mwansa Mbulakulima has charged.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Mbulakulima said the party would engage the police today to clear the misconceptions and lies allegedly spread by Dr. Mumba in his desperate effort to have the convention blocked.

He said the party would today engage the police over the matter to clarify that Dr. Mumba had lied to them and against the courts for insinuating that there were contempt proceedings against him, Felix Mutati and Elijah Muchima. Yet, nothing of that sort was before the courts of law.

He urged party members to disregard information that the party’s convention slated for Mulungushi University tomorrow had been cancelled because the police had issued the statement out of Dr. Mumba’s lies.

“I want to make it clear here that the police are justified in their action to cancel the meeting because they were misinformed by Dr. Mumba that there are contempt proceedings in court against us. They did so because no one can go against what the courts say.

“However, I am here to tell you that nothing of that sort is either with us or with the courts of law and I want to tell you that the meeting in Kabwe is going ahead because the court has not prevented us from doing so.

If there were contempt proceedings against us or any injunction in place, do you think we would be here having a meeting? What Dr. Mumba is doing in legal terms is called forum shopping” Mr. Mbulakulima said.

He described Dr. Mumba as a political liability who had gone ahead to pay for presidential nomination fees thinking that by putting his name on the ballot papers, then he would have saved his face from the impending convention that would automatically knock him out of the MMD presidency.

He said it was shocking that a person who had indicated that he wanted to stand in this year’s election was running around looking for political parties to align himself with but said he was not bothered by any manoeuvres to foil back the party’s resolve to usher in a new leadership.

“In Zambian politics right now, it is only Dr. Mumba who is a political liability. He thinks that by paying the presidential nomination fees, he will save himself and consolidate his position but he is making a mistake because our target is beyond this election. We are looking at the 2021 election.

“Yes, we may field in parliamentarians in this election within this remaining period but we are looking forward to 2021. He is just being desperate and is wasting his time because none of his manoeuvres to hold on to the presidency will save him. Come Friday, we will all converge in Kabwe to choose leaders and he is very free to participate,” he said.

He said it was sad that Dr. Mumba had resorted to peddling lies and violence against democratic principles under which the party was founded but said if he wanted to disrupt the meeting, he was free to do so because the members are not ready to engage in physical confrontation.

“Just the other day, he threatened Mulungushi University management that he would set the campus ablaze if they dare allow us to go ahead with the meeting. What kind of a man of God is this? If he wants, let him go across the country to campaign that people should not attend but we know they will not listen to him,” he said.

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