Only God knows next president


I keep reading comments of people insulting each other like children over politics. Lord have mercy! The only thing that comforts me every time I read such comments is that our God is a greater God, and He has already given us the next president. So whether you are Tonga, Lozi, or Bemba, the bottom line is God created all of us as one. If he wanted we would be animals. Let us not use abusive language to one another, because only God has the final say in this year’s election, and not any Tonga, Bemba or Lozi.

Victoria Chama


Development is for all


Reading between the lines I can sense a feeling of ‘‘tribalism’’ in the article by a ‘‘Concerned citizen’’ in the Volume 3, Issue 386 of the Daily Nation May 8, Page 3. How does the writer conclude that copper from Solwezi is building Muchinga Province? Can the ‘‘Concerned citizen’’ tell us which copper has built the Mongu-Kalabo road and all those marvellous bridges? National construction must not be carried out with a narrow view.

Bonaventure M. Chimbini



Riches without wisdom

 is nothing


I wish to appeal to all political leaders in the country that they should respect God who is in heaven. One thing our leaders should know is that riches without wisdom is nothing before God because it cannot lead one to heaven or to make one a respectable leader.


Rainbow Party Publicity Secretary



It’s taboo to steal from a



I would like to express my disgust over the thieves that entered the house of Paramount Chief Gawa Undi of the Chewa people of Katete district. It is taboo and disrespectful to enter the house of a chief, steal from there and sell his property to earn money. A chief must be respected. Paramount Chief Gawa Undi rules over the people of Katete with kindness and good leadership. We should learn to respect our traditional leaders in our respective communities. My word to our chief is that do not worry. God will bring the thieves in your presence and they shall face the law.

Concerned traditionalist



Load shedding totally unfair


I would like to express my displeasure with ZESCO’s load shedding schedule here in Garden compound. They load shed from 14:00 hours to 23:00 hours daily  while in areas like Olympia our friends have been having uninterrupted  power since a week ago. This is against the President’s directive that load shedding should be shared equally. We can’t even have a full day with power. This is unfair. We are all Zambians and we all vote. This act is surely de-campaigning Government and mind you Garden compound is in Mandevu constituency. So, do not disadvantage Government.

Concerned Garden Resident



Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage

way delays


Allow me to express my concern on the delays we  are subjected to by traffic police officers who man the Kitwe-Ndola dual carriage way check point in Kitwe. The officers seem not to care about schedules of motorists and the subsequent delays for our appointments. I humbly appeal to Kitwe District Police Commanding Officer to  address the issue by putting in measures which will reduce the delays by those of us who use the check point every single day. Should he need ideas on how this can be done, please call me on this line – 0977386431.

Kuffa Chipeta

Affected motorist


The law must reflect the will of Zambian people


The law must reflect the will of the people. The PF rejected the appointment of ministers from outside Parliament for no good reason. People did participate but their submissions were rejected. Being in power does not mean you can do whatever you want or manipulate the law for your own benefit.

Mukundu .J

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