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As political parties started their official campaign yesterday, our prayer is that they use the time to market themselves and their manifestoes to the electorate.

This is the sure way of attracting voters to ones party and also encouraging them to cast their ballots in favour of a particular political party.

Political parties should realize that their product in elections is their plans for the country and how to uplift the living standards of the people.

Therefore, they should explain their manifestoes unambiguously to win the hearts of the voters.

There are so many challenges that currently confront Zambians which can only be resolved by a determined political party with a clear manifesto which is implementable. 

Therefore, there is no need for political players to outdo each other with all sorts of invectives at the expense of what the political party intends to do if voted into office.

Nothing good comes out of name-calling and insults as the vices only pollute the electoral process.

In fact, taking an antagonistic approach to campaigns will only lead to violence which is totally unnecessary.

Political parties should know that campaign times are competition period for ideas.

It becomes time for politicians to explain why they formed their political party.

It is, therefore, important that political parties and their candidate arm themselves with messages of hope for Zambians so that they can motivate them to vote in the August 11 general elections.

There are so many issues that political players can tackle as they go about canvassing for votes at various levels of electioneering.

Politicians should be alive to the fact that there are different interest groups in our social strata of society.

To avoid running out of ideas which lead to politicians turning to insults, political parties should design messages for a given audience.

It will be totally irrelevant for any politicians to stand on a podium to start asking the electorate about how handsome or beautiful they are.

Zambians are in need of social services that will not be delivered by how handsome or beautiful a politician looks.

Zambians would like to hear how the global crisis affecting them will be mitigated for them to live relatively comfortable lives.

This calls on politicians to up their game in breaking down their political rhetoric in favour of workable programmes.

We pray that candidates will be equal to the task ahead so that the best can carry the day.

When we say the best candidates, we are not talking about sweet talkers who are good at promises but short on implementation.

The electorate is advised to carefully scrutinize their candidates and evaluate their promises to avoid complaints of non-fulfillment of pledges.

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