UPND will get war if it starts it

Dear Editor,

HHs warning to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is extremely alarming as it borders on causing anarchy in Zambia.

Luckily though, the English adage says, “Those who live by the sword die by it” will be our lasting consolation should anything happen to Zambia.

This country has men and women who will engage UPND in full should it develop fresh ideas after losing on August 11.

I am ready to go to war and shed my blood just for the peace of this country and UPND should take this message equally seriously.

Concerned Voter

Kavindeles support for Edgar Lungu


I felt honoured and humbled by the former Vice-President Mr Kavindele’s observation and comments about Edgar Lungu’s administration which has yielded fruits in a shortest possible time.

Concerned Zambian



Those disgruntled defectors


It is with great pleasure to see disgruntled defectors joining UPND. Its good riddance for PF to remain with genuine members of the party so that even the President can start afresh with a new team after winning the elections on 11th August, 2016

Relieved voter



Maize floor price a mockery to the farmers


I am very sad that the floor price of maize for 2015-2016 marketing season has not been increased and last Tuesday Agriculture Minister told Parliament that FRA will buy maize at K75 per 50 Kg.  To me, it doesn’t make sense at all.

Maxwell Mboyonga Jr.Chibombo

Prominent farmer,


PF Katuba constitituency adoption process


We, the electorates of Katuba constituency in Chief Mungule’s area, are appealing to our President to help us on the issue of adoption. We have been lacking development like roads since independence. We want Mr. Chibunga to be adopted on the PF ticket since he is humble and has a good track record.

Concerned voter, Mungule area

KM, Lusaka


PF buying votes


When PF was in the opposition, they were against the ruling party giving relief food and bicycles to people during election time. But why are they giving money and bicycles now instead of them waiting after elections. If this is not buying votes, then what is it? This is unfair.

SPC, Chadiza


ZESCO load shedding in Garden compound


I would like to express my displeasure at ZESCO’S load shedding here in Garden compound. They load shed from 14:00 t0 23:00 hours daily while in nearby areas like Olympia our friends have been having uninterrupted power for a week now. This is against the President’s directive that load shedding should be shared equally. We can’t even have a full day with power as it used to be. This is being unfair, we are all Zambians and we all vote. This is de-campaigning the government.

Garden resident


More info needed on ministers position


From my understanding ministers are only entitled to be in office if they were appointed outside Parliament like what happens in America. I totally disagree with what the republican President said. We need an explanation over this matter. Ministers will be using taxpayers’ money during campaigns. Let’s have a fair and level playing ground during campaign period.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka


Vote wisely


MMD clock clashed into the PF’s big boat that is now sinking into the dry lands of the UPND. That will bring the Wynter Kabimba’s Rainbow Party to form a new and only socialist government in Zambia that will put the interests of an innocent Zambian first.

Jimmy Chindongo


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