MMD leadership immune to advice – Kavindele

THE Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) is facing challenges because its leadership does not seek advice from other members with experience, former republican Vice President Enock Kavindele has said.

Mr. Kavindele said the problems in MMD started with the manner in which MMD president Nevers Mumba was elected as leader of the party.

He charged that Dr. Mumba had failed to run the party because he did not listen to advice that the party should not elect its president at provincial conventions during the last convention as doing so would divide the party.

“Dr. Mumba has failed to run the party because he came up with the idea of holding conventions in provinces to elect the president of MMD. I told them that this will only cause problems in future, but they didn’t follow my advice; they went ahead and held those provincial conventions. This is why all this is happening,” Mr. Kavindele said.

He said what was happening in the former ruling party was a “total tragedy”, saying that the party was slowly losing its relevance to the governance of the country due to shortcomings shown by its leadership.

“The problem with the current MMD leadership is that they do not want to consult other people with experience. Though I don’t take an active role in the activities of the MMD, I am still a member and my membership card is number two.

“Being one of the founders of the party, all I can say is that what is happening in MMD is a total tragedy,” he said.

Mr. Kavindele said that it was hurting to see a big party like MMD declining, urging the leadership to put their house in order.

He said it was surprising that Dr. Mumba had insisted that he was still MMD president while another group would be going to the convention in Kabwe next week and possibly come up with another party president.

“MMD was a big party, but because of the shortcomings shown by the leadership, the party is sinking today.

“Here in Lusaka, Dr. Mumba is claiming to be president, others on Tuesday will elect their own president. I don’t even know what criteria they are going to use because most of us are not invited,” he wondered.

Mr. Kavindele feared that the party risked disintegrating into two just like what happened to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in Zimbabwe which had two party presidents.

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