Nevers Mumba should own up


Can Dr Nevers Mumba the MMD leader tell us the members who voted for the national executive committee members  in 2011? What is their fate because they ceased to be NEC members from April 7, 2016. So which members is president Mumba using to back his presidential  ambitions?




Is Sata’s name protected by PACRA?


Is it true that Madam Jean Kapata is stopping Mulenga Sata from mentioning his own late dad in his campaigns? Who should be stopping the other? I was hoping to read something like ‘‘Elders from the late Sata’s family have…!’’ Has anyone paid for the protection of that name with PACRA?

Lydia N.


Labour Day for workers on low pay?


I would like to find out from the powers that be about the PF cadres who were seen joyfully marching on Labour Day. If I may ask, which government ministry is paying them? Are they on low pay because that day is for people or workers  who are on low pay.




Please consider President Chiluba’s name for new Kitwe mall


Now we are losing heritage. Why not leave it the way we have always known it ‘’Freedom Park’’?  I mean what is wrong with that name? If need be that everything should be named to please presidents, then why not FTJ Mall because nothing has been named after him even though him being a pioneer of free market economy in this country. Why should we lose the heritage name. Awe bane let it remain FREEDOM PARK

Shocked Citizen



Lungu should fire Chato on ethical grounds


The recent wrangles between Prisons Chief MrPercy Chato with his wife leaves much to be desired. It is high time President Edgar Lungu fired Mr. Chato because he has put the service into dispute. It is totally uncalled for. Zambia Prisons Service is the least happening service in Zambia. Its officers are not well mannered; they drink in uniforms. Look at the filthiness of prisons. For example Lusaka Central Prison is extremely dirty. It’s only comforting that some inmates look smarter than prison officers. I appeal to Minister of Home Affairs Davies Mwila to do something. Minister, why can’t you visit the camp and see for yourself, people are living like animals.

Concerned Zambian


Retirees cry to President



This is an open concern to President Lungu. Mr. President hear for yourself that  workers are struggling to survive due to meagre salaries they are getting. If the working people can complain, what more of the retirees who have no monthly salary to depend on? Your Excellency, kindly consider helping us the retirees.

Concerned Retiree



Facebook is also influential in politics


Those who are on Facebook have got relatives and friends who are not on facebook but share information with them from Facebook. So politicians should not ignore the social media because the same people even call their relatives in villages and inform them of what is going on in the country.

R. Chipengu


Riotous varsity students must wait


The Nyanjas say ‘‘mwankole ni mwankole olo umupente white azankala ni mwankole soche’’ (a raven is a raven, even if you paint it white it will still be a raven). So these riotous CBU and UNZA students cannot repent so early because they were the instigators of the riots; so let them stay at home and sweat so that they learn the hard way.

Mwangata A.


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