Ritual murders

AFTER so much tension, waiting and wild speculation, it is gratifying that suspects in the ritual murders that gripped the imagination of this nation finally appeared in court yesterday.

It lays to rest the worries and concerns of family members whose patience must have reached breaking point as they waited in agony to learn when the case would finally reach the courts so that the truth of what happened to their loved ones can be known.

We wish to congratulate the police on having done a great service to their country by investigating this case so professionally under mounting pressure. Few people believed that the alleged perpetrators of these murders would be caught.

Rounding up suspects and taking them to court is one thing. Putting all the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle together to build a prosecutable case in another. Now the police have the unenviable task of finding the witnesses, build a strong, fool-proof and believable case and then prove it beyond reasonable doubt before a judge.

We have no doubt in our minds that our police service will be equal to the task. This is a difficult, taxing case to prosecute and prove, but we have confidence in the ability, professionalism and competence of our men in uniform that they will not let Zambians down.

Our role as family members of the victims of these gruesome crimes and as members of the community where these killings took place, is to help the police by telling them all that we know, saw or heard. From the scraps of information which we may regard as insignificant, the police can find the clue they are looking for.

This is a high-profile case, one of the most bizarre and tragic court trials Zambians have not observed for many years. The status and professions of the alleged suspects make the case even more intriguing and mystifying.

As Zambians wait for justice to be done, the best the devastated families can do is to attend all the court sessions so that they may find out just what happened and how their loved ones met their fate.

Indeed no amount of justice can bring a dead relative to life but at least one can breathe a sigh of relief that the truth has been known. There is nothing more agonising and long lasting than to bury a family member without knowing why and how he or she died.

After several weeks of dwelling in the wilderness of uncertainty, the ritual murder case has been taken to court. All we can do is watch and listen as it is played before our eyes.

Let justice be seen to be done.


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