Rioters, vandals warned


By Nation Reporter

MEMBERS of the public who resort to riotous behaviour and damage public property such as police posts whenever they are aggrieved should be dealt with firmly because taxpayers were spending a lot of money to build such infrastructure, Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila has warned.

Mr Mwila said taxpayers were spending a lot of money to build public infrastructure and it was unacceptable for any single individual to resort to riotous behavour and damage a police post because they had a misunderstanding with police officers.

He was speaking on Monday in Mulenga township of Kitwe when he handed over a police post which was constructed at a cost of K590, 000 from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) of Kamfinsa constituency.

“The money which was used to construct this police post came from taxpayers’ money and so, as Government, we expect you, the residents of Mulenga township to guard this infrastructure jealously. We don’t want to hear that you have become riotous and you have damaged this police post,” Mr Mwila said.

Mr Mwila, who toured Kawama and Mindolo police post construction sites, said the Patriotic Front (PF) under President Lungu was setting the stage for national development through infrastructure development such as roads, hospitals, schools and police posts.

He said he was happy that Kamfinsa MP Moses Chishimba, the CDF committee and the residents of Mulenga township worked so hard to ensure that a police post was constructed to fight crime and provide security in the area.

“In this constituency, there are about three police posts which have been constructed within a short time under the CDF. First, I handed over the police post in Ndeke Village, then the other one in Zamtan and now, here in Mulenga township. So, I think your MP has tried to do a good job during his tenure.

“Your MP could not have done this on his own. He needed your support and so I would like to commend the CDF committee and the residents of Mulenga in general. This good work shows you are enjoying a good relationship with the MP, “Mr Mwila said.

Earlier, Mr Chishimba said the construction of the police post in the area had brought the police service closer to the people of Mulenga township and urged them to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

He said the Government of President Edgar Lungu would continue to prove critics wrong by delivering on its campaign promises of improving people’s lives.

“If President Lungu and his Government did not care about you, this police post would not have been constructed here. But because the Head of State cares about you, he wants to reduce crime and provide security to the citizens. So, on behalf of Mulenga township residents and indeed Kamfinsa constituency, I am so grateful to the President for making this possible,” Mr Chishimba said.

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