‘Stop illegal land allocations in Lusaka’

By Nation Reporter

The continued illegal land allocation in Lusaka has angered some residents who have called on Lusaka City Council (LCC) and other relevant authorities to intervene and ensure that all perpetrators are dealt with accordingly.

The residents said that illegal land allocation should be condemned and culprits must not be spared but be made to dance to the tune of the law.

They charged that land was everyone’s asset and no one should be deprived of an opportunity to have access to it because of a few selfish individuals.

Mr Harrison Mwanza of Kamwala South said there was need to stiffen the law on illegal land allocation to curb the vice.

Mr Mwanza said it was important that the law enforcers took the issue of illegal land allocation seriously and stop the people from engaging in such vices.

He said ordinary Zambians with low incomes had no access to land because it was being sold to the rich and powerful who could afford it.

Mr. Mwanza said people needed to understand that every Zambian had the right to access land.

He said law enforcers should protect the rights of people whether rich or poor when it came to securing land.

“There is need for the law enforcers to give extra attention to the issue of illegal land allocation because it is depriving low income earners of their right to have access to land,’’ he said.

And Mr Joseph Lungu another resident of Kamwala South said that members of the public should also take it upon themselves to ensure that they did not acquire land illegally.

Mr. Lungu said that people should be educated on the right procedure and places where they should go whenever they wanted to acquire land.

He said most Zambians bought land from people masquerading as council or Government officials and were often swindled of their money.

Mr. Lungu said that people should beware of conmen and know where to go when acquiring land.

He said Government and the council should carry out more sensitisation programmes to educate people on the dangers of acquiring land illegally.

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