Not all that glitters is gold


Dear Editor,

Those defecting to UPND think that HH is the automatic winner in the August 11 general elections and they stand a chance of being appointed to some office or something along those lines.

True, HH may appear to have numbers but I would rather advise him to be careful.

Some of them would want to chew his money but vote for someone else. It happens all the time. In fact, Mr Sata who came with the ‘Donchi Kubeba’ thing successfully used it to win the elections in 2011.  It means get their money but vote otherwise. HH should not fall in this trap.

I do not think that all those crossing to his party mean well and he may only realise that too late.

For me, HH should be bold enough and say NO to some of those crossing over for the sake of doing that.

HH may have just attracted a steady stream of ‘viswaswa’- dried leaves and grass ready for burning.

I for one cannot understand, for instance, why someone like Mr George Mpombo, a president of a party should abandon his organisation just to join UPND. Just for what?

To President Lungu and PF, I wish to tell them never to lose sleep over these defectors but work hard to replace them because these drifters are replaceable too.

I can only imagine what these defectors will look like when President Lungu is sworn in for a fresh five-year term.

I am also mindful that not all that glitters is gold. Some may just be rushing for a cheap metal instead.

Solomon Daka


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