MMD declining fortunes

The MMD should listen to the voice of wisdom. Otherwise, they will be left behind in the quest to achieve what the party fought for more than two decades ago.

The MMD fought for multi-party democracy within the country and at intra-party level, making it the mother of democracy.

It is, therefore, a disservice for a party renowned for the tenets of democracy to be the one to exhibit dictatorial tendencies.

There appears to be no peace in the MMD with senior members pulling their own directions in an effort to achieve what they perceive to be democracy.

While the Nevers Mumba faction is of the view that their election in an extra-ordinary convention in 2012 gave them the next five years at the helm, the Felix Mutati group dispute this, hence their quest to have an ordinary elective convention this year.

Obviously, those asking for elections are not asking for too much as they have chosen what probably peace-makers would call democratic means of resolving their internal challenges.

The convention pioneers have not resorted to illegal means to take over the reins of MMD power; they want to test their popularity within the MMD.

On their part, they have even sourced funds to hold the expected MMD convention at Kabwe’s Mulungushi Rock of Authority.

This follows a High Court ruling which stated that there was nothing on record which stopped MMD members from organising a convention.

The court ruling also stated that there was no evidence confirming that when Dr Nevers Mumba was elected MMD president, he was given five years, meaning up to 2017.

We urge members of the MMD to do that which is best for the former ruling party, including not missing out from the democratic dispensation of the country.

 On August 11, Zambians go to the polls to elect their political leaders at council, parliamentary and Presidential levels.

As the politics stand in the MMD at the moment, Zambians can safely fear for the former ruling party that it is likely to miss the election fever.

MMD does not look like a political party preparing for the general elections.

This is the reason we think, it is important for MMD members to for once pull in the same direction and sort out their internal wrangles through a vote.

While party elections might not fully resolve all the internal problems of the MMD, it might give a way forward to the party in terms of preparations for the August 11 general elections.

Failure by the MMD leaders to go for elections might see the declining fortunes of the party continue at a faster rate.

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