Lungu will win-Capt Chewe


SOME opposition political parties have developed some inflated ego as a result of mundane support they are receiving from disgruntled former Patriotic Front (PF) leaders but they should be ready to accept defeat because President Edgar Lungu is destined to win the August general elections, Captain Austin Chewe has predicted.

He said President Lungu should be allowed to continue governing the country for the next five years because the Head of State had demonstrated the kind of leadership that was pleasant to Zambians.

Capt. Chewe said in an interview yesterday that opposition political parties blowing their trumpets that they had already won the general elections would be shocked by the outcome of the elections results because Zambians had made up their mind not to change government.

He said it was not economically and politically healthy for a country to be changing leadership every after two or three years, stating that governments should never be changed for the sake of it.

Capt. Chewe said Zambians were happy with President Lungu who had shown pleasantness in his style of governance apart from having tirelessly worked on completing the country’s economic infrastructural development inherited from his predecessor, late President Michael Sata.

Capt. Chewe who is Zambia’s prominent business man and former Munali Constituency Member of Parliament (MP), said Zambia was safer under the leadership of President Lungu and that changing Government would negate the developmental achievements the country had recorded.

“President Lungu is a straight card in the coming general elections and he is certainly going through. Some of the opposition political parties are behaving like they already have power and Zambians should shudder if such leaders were given an opportunity to govern. The leaders of the opposition parties are showing an inflated ego because of the endorsement they are getting from some people but there is selfless leadership from President Lungu and he deserves a five year term so that he can give Zambians his best,” Capt. Chewe said.

He said God had ordained President Lungu to lead Zambia and that the Head of State would be able to secure a new mandate. He advised the opposition to wait for their time rather than demonising the President.

He explained that the economic infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and schools Government was building across the country had made Zambians happy with President Lungu.

“Places such as Chief Nabwalya were so remote but the area has been opened up because the roads have been done connecting Lundazi all the way into Malawi. If there had been problems, we would have said no to the PF and President Lungu.

But there is nothing wrong as Zambians are benefiting from the efforts of the President. At the same time, if there was anything good about the opposition, I would have sincerely said so but for now let Zambians give President Lungu another five years,” Capt. Chewe said.

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