Good riddance to PF defectors

THE Patriotic Front (PF) on the Copperbelt is not shaken by defections or plans by the people to leave the party because it is a self-cleansing process which will make the party stronger with more committed and loyal leadership at various level of the party, Copperbelt PF provincial chairman Stephen Kainga has said.

Mr Kainga said the defections now were a self-cleansing process where those who had one leg in PF and the other in the opposition were now deciding to leave the party to join other parties. He said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that party members should not worry about some members leaving the party because most of those who had decided to leave the ruling party for the opposition had no following in the party. Mr Kainga said people like Mulenga Sata was a loner who had decided to join the opposition alone without any single individual PF member joining him when he went to the UPND.

“As PF on the Copperbelt, we would not like to talk too much about Mulenga Sata, but the fact is that he is a loner and he has not taken any single PF member to UPND. So such kind of people cannot make PF members to get worried because he had no support in the party.

“If anything, some PF members who have decided to join UPND are regretting and are thinking of coming back to PF. So in a nutshell, I can tell you that these defections are a self-cleansing process which will leave PF with only loyal and committed members of the party,” Mr Kainga said.

The Copperbelt PF Chief said, while some UPND members were celebrating after loners like Mulenga Sata joined them, PF would soon celebrate when senior UPND leaders join the PF.

Mr Kainga, who could not disclose the names of some senior UPND members to join the PF, said very soon a ‘bomb shell’ would be dropped in the UPND.

“My friend, this is politics. It is for the strong-hearted, and not for the fainted hearted. You can die of high blood pressure because mostly, it is the unexpected which happens. I will not tell you which big fish in UPND will join PF, but just wait, you will see or hear,” he said. And Mr Kainga has said most of the people who were leaving PF now, were allegedly not Christians, hence have failed to cope with the Christian leadership of President Edgar Lungu and were seeking comfort in other political parties where unchristian values had been embraced.

“I can tell you that President Lungu believes in God, and this is why he declared October 18 as a day of national prayer and even suggested the construction of the National House of Prayer. When we prayed to God for rains, some people were laughing at us and made all sorts of comments, but God answered our prayers and it rained.

“When miners were retrenched, they celebrated saying this is the end of PF, but now things are looking better in the mines. Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) will very soon employ 3,000 people on pensionable jobs. The Kwacha is also recovering. So these things show that President Lungu has favour from God,” he said.


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