The horrendous lie that the Zambian economy has collapsed must be condemned in the strongest terms possible and those spreading such falsehoods must be brought to book.

It is regrettable that some respectable institutions have remained mute in the face of such malicious statements which do not only plant a seed of cynicism but demoralise well-meaning Zambians who have the nation at heart.

Equally professional organisations in agriculture and agribusiness have failed to use their expertise to assure the nation of food security and the prognosis for this year indicating that the country may exceed last year’s maize harvest.

This is against a background in which most neighbouring countries have declared food emergencies as a result of severe drought created by the El Niño phenomenon.

It is very disheartening that knowledgeable Zambians with a firm grounding in economics and finance cannot appreciate the dynamics that have characterised the global economy.

The rout of commodity prices has played havoc with most economies. On the extreme are such  countries as Venezuela, an oil producing country that is facing both a serious downturn in oil prices as well as severe drought that has forced radical policy measures including reduction of working hours to conserve the  little energy produced from hydro generation plants.

It is against these realities that the International Monetary Fund to which Zambia is a member is playing a critical role in managing stabilisation programmes that are intended to rein in excessive slippages by providing viable economic programmes.

Again some knowledgeable Zambians have demonised the IMF programme, suggesting that it will bring suffering and hardships among the people because of conditionalities.

This perception seems to suggest that the IMF unilaterally imposes conditionalities on a nation, an assertion that is far from the truth because any conditionalities are arrived at by the two parties in an effort to keep fundamentals on an even keel.

The Government has stated very clearly that it will continue to focus on economic policies, strategies and programmes that will attract local and foreign direct investments in all parts of the country in order to foster job creation in all sectors of the economy.

These programmes are aimed at uplifting the living standards and the welfare of the Zambian people through various projects.

Therefore, any criticism by the opposition must seek to provide an alternative.

Politicians who seek office must learn to say the truth and  ensure that they do not pander to the negative and bizarre in order to secure cheap political mileage.


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