Investors shun Kitwe Labour Day feast

By Nation Reporter

SOME foreign investors in Kitwe have continued shunning Labour Day celebrations despite numerous meetings with them at preparatory stages, the Kitwe District Labour Day Celebrations Committee has disclosed.

Kitwe district organizing committee chairperson Fewdays Bwalya said the committee was concerned at the lack of interest shown by most Chinese companies and chain stores in participating in the Labour Day celebrations.

Mr Bwalya appealed to the companies to take seriously the Labour Day event because it was an important day for the workers where their efforts towards economic recovery and national development were recognized and appreciated.

“We are concerned as a committee over lack of interest by a good number of companies in the Labour Day celebrations. We have continued to see the absence of Chinese companies, chain stores like Game in the Labour Day celebrations despite numerous meetings with them,” he said.

Mr Bwalya however said in this year’s Labour Day, over 333 employees were awarded by 42 companies, institutions and organizations which was an increase from last year’s 32 companies, institutions and organizations where 230 employees were awarded.

And Federation of Free Trade Union of Zambia (FFTUZ) representative Charity Kampamba Tembo warned anti-union employers that their days of abusing workers’ rights were numbered.

Ms Tembo said it was disheartening that there were still employers in Zambia who denied workers the right to join or form trade unions.

“Employers must realize that while they are the owners of these companies and capital, it is the workers who generate profits for these companies and as such deserve to be respected because the two need each other for business to grow. “We, therefore, want to urge the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to employ more labour inspectors to enforce the law and ensure these is adherence,” Ms Tembo said.

And Ms Tembo has called upon political parties to genuinely condemn violence and urge their cadres to co-exist because that was the essence of having a multi-party political system in place.

She said Zambians should continue to maintain peace and stability in society ahead of the August 11, 2016 general elections because it was important to remain focused on national development in order to enhance living standards.

“As noted, there have been developments on the political scene which are threatening our democracy as a nation. Though we are politically non-partisan, we would like to strongly condemn the level of violence we are witnessing in various parts of the country,” Ms Tembo said.

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