HH insulted me, Mumbi Phiri


HAKAINDE Hichilema insulted me when I called him using my phone to clarify a story in which The Post misquoted me as having called him a “kachema”  (herd boy) on Joy FM and UNZA radio, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has revealed.

Speaking when she featured on ZNBC TV “Sunday Interview” programme, Mrs Phiri alleged that Mr Hichilema called her an “idiot” in the presence of her own two children and UNZA radio Lusaka Star presenter Mark Simuwe.

Mrs Phiri explained that Mr Hichilema showered her with “unprintables” after she called him seeking peace over the ‘kachema’ story attributed to her by the Post newspaper.

‘‘On the ‘kachema’ issue, I called Hakainde Hichilema on my phone. I went to Joy FM to get the tape and I went to UNZA radio to get the same tape and told the presenter (Mark Simuwe) that since you talk to Hakainde Hichilema give him these tapes if he is able to hear and listen to what I said because people were lying to him.

“Mark Simuwe told me he did not have talk time in his phone otherwise he would have called him (HH). And so I said to him (Mark) that since I have talk time in my phone, let me use my phone to call him so that you can talk to


him. For me that was brotherly love. “I phoned Hakainde Hichilema on my phone and I still have the insults he showered on me. Mark Simuwe was listening and I was with my two children,” Mrs Phiri said.

She said she was ready to play the recording where Mr Hichilema insulted her. “I am on auto recording; you know there are a lot of lies going on in this country and so I have decided to put my phone on auto (call) recording,” Mrs Phiri said.

But presenter Grevazio Zulu prevented Mrs Phiri from disclosing more of the alleged insults which she received from Mr Hichilema.

Earlier, Mrs Phiri said she had realized that some people (media) publish stories to make other people look bad.

“The Post claimed that I had called Hakainde Hichilema a ‘kachema’. I did not call Mr Hichilema a ‘kachema’ when I featured on the live phone-in radio programme,” she said.

Mrs Phiri said when she used the word ‘‘kachema’’ she was referring to her child who had wanted to study medicine but changed the career. “I was shocked when my son called me after seeing a story online that I had called Hakainde Hichilema a ‘kachema’,”she said.

And when asked whether she approached the Post newspaper to explain that she was misquoted, Mrs Mumbi said she had no time for that.

“I know why they are targeting me… in these politics they think that a woman is a weak soul and when they target you they start printing stories thinking maybe it will affect my marriage and I will run away from politics,” she said.

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