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Kambwili was simply  ‘honoured’ not ‘awarded’


I wish to correct a Concerned Zambian who congratulated Minister of Information Dr. Chishimba Kambwili (honorary) on the new title conferred on him by the named university. The Concerned Zambian used the word “awarded” which is very wrong in the academic cycles. The honourable minister was simply ‘conferred’ or in simple terms he was honoured for being an ‘influential’ person in Zambian politics. Someone is only awarded after he or she has done well be in the competition, course or anything involving rising above the challenge. This is the reason why such people are called Dr. X (honorary) because he did not pursue a course deserving an award of a PhD. We shouldn’t confuse these two words conferring and awarding.



ZESCO should change load shedding timetable


The silence by ZESCO on the calls by Zambians about the unplanned load shedding in some areas of Lusaka is not only annoying but also very disappointing. In the wake of ritual killings, there is no way power can be coming at 22:00 hours. I would appeal to ZESCO to revisit their timetable. It is better load shedding us during the day than at night. There is no way we should be missing news on televisions. I have no doubt people’s ignorance on national affairs has increased due to this black out of information.

Annoyed Citizen.


Tayali’s allegations need special attention


The allegations that have been levelled against Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda by his fellow PF sympathiser Chilufya Tayali should be taken seriously. Everyone knows that Tayali is a PF supporter and I am pretty sure that what he has said about Lubinda is true and should be taken serious with the urgency it deserves. There is no way the country can be experiencing such shortages of mealie-meal in the midst of abundance. If he is found guilty, let the law take its course. Bravo Tayali!

Concerned Zambian.


MTN’s ‘Spaka’promotion meant to fool people


I wish to comment on the MTN’s ‘Spaka’ promotion. I received a message that if I swap my 3G sim card with a 4G one, I will be given 1GB. When I did, I was not given the 1GB. I called the centre and was told that there was no such as thing of getting a 1GB upon swapping the sim card. Surprisingly, up until now I’m still receiving the same message. Going by my experience, I can conclude that it’ Kwacha which is paid upon swapping? MTN must be straight in their dealings.

Daka E.

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