PF rejects deserve no political salvation

As the campaigns for the August 11 polls gradually gather steam, it appears there is a deliberate attempt by some senior PF members defecting to the UPND to betray the vision and people who supported the late President Michael Sata.

The former publicity and information secretary of the de-registered DF, Mubanga Chileshe, attested to the attempted betrayal of late Michael Sata’s legacy in his no-nonsense reported statement entitled,  “PF rejects run to UPND”, (Daily Nation, April 28, 2016).

So who are these senior PF members betraying Sata’s vision and legacy?

Obviously, chief among them are Guy Scott, GBM and Miles Sampa whose sad exit from the PF into the political wilderness did not surprise many. Whether or not the defectors resurrect themselves from this political suicide would depend very much on the way they would conduct themselves from now onwards.

If they could refuse to let bitterness take the better of them and work in tandem with the ruling party together with the president who leads it, the victorious rump in the PF may find space in their hearts to forgive and rehabilitate them after August 11. But if they decide to go the other way, they may be walking further away from political salvation. And it may spell their doom forever.

Mubanga Luchembe,


LUSAKA. UPND must control party cadres

On April 23, 2016 (Daily Nation-Readers forum letter) I wrote to say the UPND lacks a position of ‘Apology Duties’ despite them having two vice presidents and a spokesperson for special duties. Well, it has come to my attention that the position for apology duties isn’t the only position they lack. They seem to also lack the position to control their unruly cadres.

It is such a shameful and sad development that every time the UPND sees a journalist/reporter from other media houses other than from the Post, they see an enemy.

What is it that they don’t want us Zambians to know through the eyes of reporters?

It is also a shameful development that these shameful acts take place in full view of senior party officials. August 11th is just around the corner; UPND shouldn’t cry foul if Daily Nation decides not to cover them.

Somehow again, I am not surprised of these cadres pouring unprintables on journalists/reporters. I mean, their vice president for administration, GBM, seem to be good at pouring unprintables on others. The cadres are just following in his footsteps.

You know what they say, ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

As for the Daily Nation staff, always know that such cannot kill you, but only make you stronger.

No matter the quantity of unprintables they can pour on you, continue with your good work of PURSUING JUSTICE AND EQUITY WITH INTEGRITY. TROY MUKUPA, LUSAKA.

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