Guy Scott ungrateful, says Kampyongo

DR GUY Scott is the most ungrateful old man on the political scene for casting aspersions on his former political parties (MMD and PF) under which he served as Cabinet minister and republican Vice President respectively, says Patriotic Front national youth chairman Stephen Kampyongo.

And Mr Kampyongo has described as “rubbish” Dr Scott’s threats on killing PF ahead of the August general elections.

He said Dr Scott cannot kill the PF party because he failed to do so when he had “illegal” instruments of power.

Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo has branded Dr Scott as the most ungrateful old man on Zambia’s political scene.

Dr Scott was quoted as saying, “We’ll cause havoc for PF…until Edgar Lungu and his MMD friends are removed from power again”.

“So we are on a mission to take away the PF members that we suffered with who have been replaced by MMD,” Dr Scott said on Sunday during a UPND rally in Mazabuka.

Reacting to Dr Scott’s sentiments, Mr Kampyongo said it was MMD and PF who brought Dr Scott onto the political scene.

Mr Kampyongo, who is Shiwangandu Member of Parliament, said everything that Dr Scott was today, politically, was because of his involvement with MMD and the PF.

Mr Kampyongo said Dr Scott failed to kill PF when he illegally found himself with the instruments of power.

He said with his (Scott) evil scheme then, he failed to give the instruments of power to his friend, Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Kampyongo said Dr Scott had never been with PF even when he was Vice President.

He said the PF was aware of Dr Scott’s dealing with the UPND leader even when he had instruments of power after President Michael Sata’s demise.

Mr Kampyongo alleged that Dr Scott continued disrespecting PF and late President Sata during his funeral but did not yield to anything.

“We were ahead of him during President Sata’s funeral (MHSRIP) that is when he was planning of giving the instruments of power to his friends,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo said Dr Scott should prepare himself for yet another battle with PF.

“We shall take him on in August. He should be ready and buy a leather belt for his falling trousers,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo said Dr Scott started working with UPND together with Emmanuel Chenda, Sylvia Masebo and Daniel Munkombwe before they all left the party. He said that was the reason as to why the late President fired some of them during his time.

He said Dr Scott had always been a traitor even before President Sata’s demise.

Mr Kampyongo said the people of Zambia and the PF members were alive to the fact that Dr Scott was a traitor.

“He (Scott) needs to prepare himself for another shameful defeat if he thinks he will remove President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and PF from government,” he said.

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