Women NGO fights homelessness


A NON-GOVERNMENTAL organisation has called on the under-privileged women in society to join the federation so that it can help them address poverty in their communities.

Zambian Homeless People’s Federation executive director Joyce Lungu said women should come together and share ideas on how to improve their lives.

“We have invited everyone on board because even when I have a house but don’t have anything to eat I should start saving. We want to finish poverty.’’

Ms Lungu said the organisation wanted to reach out to the poor and create an informed critical mass that would take positive and constructive steps to reverse all the social ills bedeviling the poor.

“When we put our minds together, we manage to give support to each other. Whatever money we get, we will put it in the bank and be able to withdraw once a month to give give our members,” she said.

“There’s poverty and homelessness in the country.  We go door to door and tell people about the federation as well as how they can help improve their lives,” she said.

“We see people being evicted from their houses because they can’t afford to pay rent,” she said.Homelessness and poverty could only be eradicated in Zambia if poor communities came together to address their challenges.

The federation helps provide loans to vulnerable women for food and housing. She said from 2005, over 9,000 houses have built for its members across the country, Ms Lungu said.

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