Opposition leaders to destroy Zambia


The leaders of opposition UPND have certainly something to worry about.

Invectives and intimidations by its vice president (administration) Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) and warnings of Armageddon by its leader Hakainde Hichilema speak volumes of what type of government this party would form given the chance.

But providentially Zambia is a Christian nation and God will not allow that to happen. Any malevolence being planned for this country by the conspirators will be sent back to them.

Those who pretend to be followers of Jesus Christ but do the opposite have their rewards already lined up for them.

I want to assure Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba that God has already sent guardian angels to Zambia to protect this great nation and ensure that peace continues.

God is seeing the veracity in many of our political leaders especially those in the opposition camps who appear to harbour stinging abhorrence and retribution against those currently in power.

I know for sure that God has already chosen Zambia’s next President and those who believe in empty rantings are perfectly free to go on until they are chagrined by the people of Zambia who will cast their votes sagely on August 11.

I am again more than sure that there are people out there who are not sleeping but conniving to make Zambia a failed State, especially now that they have realised they have an arduous prize-fight to unseat President Lungu.

My appeal therefore, goes to the Church to step up prayers for peace instead of concentrating on tithes and offerings because when peace goes they will not be left any wiser. The churches will go in flames. No tithes or offering.

Undeniably a stitch in time saves nine.

Jay Kabemba,


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