More Copperbelt mealie-meal confisctaed

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POLICE in Kitwe have impounded a truck that was been loaded with 1,000 x 25 kilogrammes bags of mealie-meal branded Chimanga Changa Milling Company.

And Copperbelt Minister Mwenye Musenge also confirmed the development.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed that the police had impounded a truck laden with 1,000 by 25kilogrammes of mealie-meal in Kitwe.

“We are still investigating this matter and our officers are still at a house where the mealie-meal was impounded.

“The information we have is that the truck with 1,000x 25 kilogrammes of bags of mealie-meal at a house in Chimwemwe allegedly belonging to a named minister. For now, I don’t have the clear information,” Katanga said.

Mr Musenge, who is Chimwemwe Member of Parliament (MP), also said he was not aware of the owner of the truck.

He said he was aware of a clique of individuals who wanted to destroy the minister’s image by insinuating that a top Government official owned the truck.

“People just want to spread malicious lies about a minister because they want to dent someone’s image. I know there is a clique of individuals who want to dent other people’s image, but they will not succeed,” Mr Musenge said.

He, however, said the person who was running the shop was a PF official. He was not involved in smuggling, but was keeping the mealie-meal in the shop before distributing it to other outlets.

“That mealie-meal which they have impounded is not for smuggling, but is for distribution to various outlets. The person who runs that shop sells mealie-meal locally as a way of earning his living. He is actually a PF ward official in Itimpi ward,” Mr Musenge said.

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