HH may not have meant it but the imagery of Armageddon at a time when the church is imploring for a peaceful election was not only incongruous but totally misplaced.

Armageddon as an apocalypse or revelation represents the final battle between good and evil in which as expected evil is totally annihilated.

This is not what liberal democracy or indeed the multi-party dispensation we have chosen is all about.

Democracy entails diversity and more importantly envisages the rule by the majority in circumstances where the minority do not only subsist but expect to enjoy the full range of liberties assured by the Constitution.

Armageddon would seem to suggest that the various groups or political parties are engaged in  mortal combat with the victor plundering the spoils of war.

There is no war being fought in Zambia, if anything there is a contestation for the hearts and minds of Zambian people on the basis of policies that ideally would propel the social well being of the ordinary people.

Political parties contesting the elections are asking the electorate for an opportunity to serve and provide resources to the electorate.

The suggestion that the electorate are at each other’s throats is a very serious  misrepresentation which to a large extent is feeding into the violence narrative that has already attracted the condemnation of the Church and civil society because violence has no place in a democracy that is striving to elevate and promote the common good of the people.

Leadership in a democracy must be mindful of competing interests and ideas which should not be vanquished but must be given free let and opportunity to canvass and if possible win the support of the electorate.

The other fallacy about the Armageddon imagery is that Armageddon is a geographical location, not an occurrence or event.  It is not a war or battlefield but a gathering place, a 13-acre pile of historical rubble that represents an era gone by.

Armageddon or actually Megiddo represents an era of great slaughter in which Cannonites conquered by Joshua in the early 1400BC exacted great devastation and an entire army of Sicera was destroyed. 

It is also representative of the defeat of the Midianites in the valley of Jezreel in which God reduced Gideon’s army from 32,000 to 300 but still managed to defeat the enemy.

Thus the image of Armegeddon as a physical place in which battle took place can only mean one thing in our current context, namely violence at the end of 11th August 2016.

This certainly is not what the people of Zambia want.  They are looking forward to an election in which the winners will assume power but still leave room for the opposition to thrive until the next election when they may, fortunes allowing, win power.


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