Scott, Sampa on ‘kill PF’ mission


By Nation Reporter

Guy Scott and Miles Sampa,who were not trusted with power by President Sata are determined to kill the Patriotic Front (PF) because they are bitter that their scheme to stop President Edgar Lungu from ascending to the presidency had miserably collapsed, Julius Komaki has said.

The two including Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba had regrouped in the UPND and have embarked on a vicious propaganda campaign to vilify,  malign and demonise President Lungu in a bid to remove the ruling party from Government.

He said the departure of the two including GBM and Mwaliteta from the PF was good riddance because late president Michael Sata did not trust them and could not allow Dr Scott to act as president while Mr Sampa could not get a position beyond that of a deputy minister.

Mr Komaki said it was clear that there was a clique of disgruntled elements who had left the PF and were sloganeering the UPND mantra because they had realised that under President Lungu’s leadership, the presidency could no longer be manipulated to pursue their own political and financial agenda.

Mr Komaki, the former PF Lusaka district youth chairman, said the cartel was still active and was now using the UPND to find its way back into Government but that Zambians should be wary with the clique because Zambia would be condemned to the worst forms of autocracy.

He said Dr Scott, Mr Sampa, Mr Mwamba and Mr Mwaliteta had invaded the UPND. Their activities should be watched because there was a possibility the people bankrolling their political activities could be among the clique that manipulated the presidency of Michael Sata and almost took over State power.

He said if the quartet truly believed in the ideology of the PF and ideals of former President Sata, they should have remained in the PF and supported President Lungu but because of their selfish ambitions to take control of State power, they had jumped ship. They were now campaigning for Hakainde Hichilema whose party they had branded a bantustan political organisation.

Mr Komaki said former President Sata had given Dr Scott, Mr Sampa, Mr Mwamba and Mr Mwaliteta to serve in his government even when he knew they did not deserve such privileges. It was therefore regrettable that the quartet had decided to betray Mr Sata even in his death.

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