Outlaw school political campaigns-ZRP


POLITICAL campaigns at learning institutions should be banned, Zambia Republic Party (ZRP) president has said.

Mr. Musoma said banning political campaigns at learning institutions was the best solution to maintaining order and sanity in such premises.

He was commenting on the re-opening of the University of Zambia (UNZA) and Copperbelt University (CBU) after more than two months forced closure following the protests by students. Mr. Musoma described the move by government to re-open the universities as a progressive one, saying that it showed how much government was concerned about the students and the people of Zambia. He alleged that the last protests at the two higher institutions of learning were sponsored be selfish politicians who were hungry for power. Hence, the need to ban political campaigns at campuses.

“There is no doubt that the riots by students were sponsored by politicians who don’t mean well for Zambia. We still feel that there were few students who were given money by politicians to destabilise the institutions as well as the country.

“Now that the government has re-opened the two universities, our advice is that campaigns should be banned from all the learning institutions in the country because we don’t want the reoccurrence of what happened. Innocent students as well as a lot of people whose cars and properties were destroyed were disturbed by the riotous behaviour,” he said.

Mr. Musoma called on government to intensify security and stop politicians from entering learning institutions. He charged that learning institutions should only be for learning and not be used as political battle grounds.

“We want our students to learn smoothly so that they complete their academic work properly. But for the sake of those bad elements in the institutions who cannot resist the temptations of money, we advise government to intensify security so that we protect our students,” he said.

Mr. Musoma also advised students to refuse to be used as tools of violence by selfish politicians, but instead concentrate on their studies.

“They have tried every method at their disposal to make sure that government is on fire. They tried insults, lies but they failed, so now they wanted to use the students like what happened in other countries,” Mr. Musoma said.

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