Illicit sexual activities: Blame it on condoms

THE indiscriminate sale of condoms in Zambia is responsible for the increase in the number of young people engaging in illicit sex and its related disastrous consequences.

Some Lusaka parents complained that because of the free access to condoms which are sold openly in shops young people had developed a tendency of involving themselves in sexual activity, with no regard to the country’s morals and principles.

They said that it was disheartening that young people were now treating sex as if it was something they could have any time without fear or regard for their parents.

The parents said it was important that Government and relevant authorities regulated the sale of condoms to reduce the number of young people involving themselves in illicit sexual activities.

Mr Emmanuel Nyambe of Kabwata township said that selling condoms in shops was encouraging young people to indulge in illicit sex.

Mr. Nyambe said that young people had forsaken the Christian rule of abstinence before marriage and had started following what they were calling ‘‘safe sex’’.

He said selling condoms indiscriminately had resulted in young people having unplanned pregnancies and contracting sex-related challenges, forgetting that sex was not meant for unmarried people.

Mr. Nyambe said that there was need for parents to stand up and condemn the sale of condoms in shops and preserve the country’s morals and hence maintain the culture of keeping sex sacred and only for married people.

‘’These days young people are having sex more than married couples and it is worrying to us as parents; anyone can go in a shop and buy a condom and people will say they are practicing safe sex without even considering the fact that having sex before marriage is wrong.

“Illicit sex should not be encouraged and selling condoms openly is just a way of encouraging young people to be having sex anyhow,’’ he said.

Mr. Nyambe said condoms have been exposed and simplified like balloons when they were not meant for young people.

And Ms Diana Chisala, a resident of Chilenje, said that there was need to ensure that young people were made to understand that sex was sacred and it should not be taken for granted because of the presence of condoms in shops.

Ms. Chisala said condoms should not be accessed anyhow and should be regarded in high esteem. She said the fact that condoms were sold in shops openly had led to more young people having illicit sex, bearing in mind that they would use a condom for protection.

‘’We need to put an end to the vice of selling condoms in shops and teach our children good morals at all times and not kill them slowly in the name of modernizing the world,’’ she said. –Millennium Radio 90.5

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