VJ may soon appear in Ugandan court of law

I must say I find it not surprising to read about the Zambian government’s intention not to hesitate to provide information to the Ugandan authorities should veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga (VJ) be required to substantiate his claims that the ballots for the February general elections in that country printed in Dubai were pre-marked. (Daily Nation, April 22, 2016).

Just like the government of the Republic of Zambia, the would-be voters are equally very displeased and disappointed in VJ.

Recent remarks attributed to him as reported in the Saturday Post Newspaper of April 16, 2016, entitled, “Watch ECZ”, were not diplomatically prudent at all.

If any government makes a law forbidding impunity and unverified allegations of vote-rigging, culprits must be punished as such.

VJ can only persuade the already pro-UPND supporters because even a child can see that impunity without borders is wrong.

VJ, do Ugandans a favour and don’t meddle in their government’s business and try to dictate what their law for electoral malpractice should be or shouldn’t be.

There is nothing wrong in voicing out on non-contentious issues because it does not violate the very nature of international Meanwhile, it’s a game of wait and see at Zambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs because any time soon the Ugandan court authorities may issue a bench warrant for VJ to go to Kampala to substantiate his claims in the Ugandan court of law.

Mubanga Luchembe,


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