Well done Daily Nation for the Essay Writing Competition


Dear Editor,

It is with great thanks to the Daily Nation Newspaper for extending the essay writing competition to all pupils in secondary schools in Zambia.

This gave us an opportunity to express our ideas and perceptions regarding this monster called ‘Tribalism’.

Since the democratic atmosphere in our country allows the right to freedom of expression by all people, I feel it was a good step by the Daily Nation Newspaper to extend this competition to us. Indeed the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child to which our country has agreed to, allow children to have a say on issues that concern them.

Tribalism is one of the issues that concerns us and if left unchecked can destroy our lives.

I would also like to thank Zambia Postal Services, Ministry of Education and any organisation that could have helped to make this competition a success.

My appreciation would not be complete if I don’t express my thanks for the award given to me on Friday 15th April at Lusaka Grand Hotel.

I know it was not only a reward for being the best, but also an encouragement to keep up with a talent I have built up. Since then, I have developed huge interest in writing and expressing my self. Once again, thank you.

I would kindly appeal to you to continue empowering and encouraging us, youths, to express ourselves as a way of keeping our minds busy because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.  Thank you!

Prisca Banda, Roma Girls Secondary School

National Winner

(Category 1)

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