GBM: give us your roadmap for development


Dear Editor

Our opposition political party leaders must spell out exactly how and what they will do for us.

The headline in Monday’s Post newspaper the “We will Jail Lungu-GBM” made sad reading as it is clear that the opposition has nothing to offer the Zambians once they form Government (in unlikely event)apart from enriching themselves and punishing Lungu.

Reading the article it is clear Mr. Mwamba he has harboured hatred for Edgar Lungu, and given the slightest chance he can do the unthinkable against him.

But is this what it means to be in opposition? Mwamba lost the Kabwata seat under MMD and he only won the Kasama seat using the name of Sata (MHSRIP).Will the name of HH appeal to the voters this time round? Will he be appointed as HH running mate? If not, which constituency will GBM stand as parliamentary candidate?

I am shocked at how this man has developed so much hate against the PF and Edgar Lungu.

Mwamba thinks just because he stands next to HH he has the same following. GBM please tame your tongue. The voters are following you closely.

Chakwiya Bornface


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