Divisions rock East PF


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is being told half-truths that the political environment in Eastern Province is fully in favour of the Patriotic Front (PF), former Eastern Province PF chairman Attan Mwamba has said.

And Mr Mwamba has accused General Education Minister Dr John Phiri of causing divisions in the PF in Eastern Province because of his ambitions to secure an adoption for the Lundazi Constituency seat.

Mr Mwamba said it was disheartening that President Lungu had been made to believe that the political situation in the region was favouring the ruling party when the truth was that the region had become deeply divided because of lack of unity among the leaders.

He accused Dr Phiri of orchestrating his dismissal as provincial chairman for refusing to unilaterally dissolve the Lundazi district executive only weeks after it was elected into office.

When Dr Phiri was contacted, he refused to comment on the matter and referred the reporter to Eastern Province PF acting chairman Andrew Lubisha.

Mr Mwamba, however, accused Dr Phiri of having directed him (Mwamba) to dissolve the Lundazi district committee and that after he had objected to the directive. As a result, a massive campaign for his


dismissal was launched. And according to a letter authored by Dr Phiri to Mr Mwamba and obtained by the Daily Nation, the former Eastern Province PF chairman had been directed to take disciplinary measures against the Lundazi district committee because, according to Dr Phiri, the election of the committee was allegedly stage-managed by Evans Kazonga Ngoma.

Dr Phiri in his letter dated 20th August 2015 directed Mr Mwamba to nullify or cancel the August 15th Lundazi Constituency elections because according to him, the elections were not free and fair. They were allegedly masterminded by Mr Ngoma.

“It is disheartening that President Lungu is being lied to that the political situation in Eastern Province fully favours the PF. The PF is deeply divided and it is the Minister of Education Dr John Phiri who is causing divisions. He is extremely desperate to secure an adoption to contest the Lundazi parliamentary seat such that he has been bulldozing his wishes and desires in the party. What the President should know is that his re-election will, to a larger extent, depend on the parliamentary candidates. The President should conduct his own investigations and he will be able to discover how bad the situation is,” Mr Mwamba said.

He also accused Dr Phiri of having authored four disciplinary letters to Lundazi PF chairman Mushota Ng’uni, nullification of Lundazi Constituency committee, which he demanded that he (Mwamba) should sign.

The Daily Nation is in possession of the letters allegedly authored by Dr Phiri in  the name of Mr Mwamba which according to the former Eastern Province PF chairman refused to sign.

“Dr Phiri called me and directed me to go to his office at the time he was Local Government and Housing Minister to collect the letters he had written in my name from his secretary. I collected the letters, but refused to sign them because I did not agree with his decisions. After that, a campaign to have me removed as provincial chairman started. I was accused of being a Rainbow Party member, a party I have never associated myself with. Unfortunately, President Lungu was misinformed and I was removed,” Mr Mwamba said.

And sources have told the Daily Nation that the current leadership in Eastern Province was moribund and did not know how to campaign and mobilise.

The source said when President Lungu was in Chipata recently, cadres were mobilised to attend the rally from across the province to give the impression to the Head of State that the party was united and intact.

“When Parliament dissolves in May, the political pendulum will change and President Lungu will blame individual members and leaders of the party,” the source said.

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