Ballot papers manipulation baseless-Church

IT is unacceptable to smear the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) with baseless pronouncements of concerns of rigging, The Evangelical fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza has said.

Rev. Mwanza said such concerns were likely to create hype among members of the public, which if a candidate loses after the August elections, the outcome would have been a product of an electoral fraud.

“Certainly, there will emerge only one presidential winner and others will be losers after the elections. If the candidate for those who feel that the elections may be rigged emerges a winner through the work of the same ECZ, will they still discredit the outcome and subsequently reject the result?” Rev. Mwanza asked.

He said the decision of who to vote for was in the hands of the Zambian people on the appointed day of elections.

Rev. Mwanza urged candidates and supporters of political parties to pre-occupy themselves with sharing of their visions and aspirations for the country with the Zambian people and to engage in voter education programmes to increase voter turnout.

Rev. Mwanza advised Zambians to invest their trust in the work of ECZ based on its track record and transparency throughout the electoral processes ahead of the elections.

“We are aware that ECZ is the most credible Electoral body in the region and ranks very high on the continent. EFZ does not subscribe to outrageous comments made by some people and organisations when the same people that are complaining and raising doubts now have been attending a series of meetings at ECZ at which the stakeholders adequately understood what was involved in the preparations and management of the elections,” he said.

Recently, some opposition political parties and veteran politicians such as Vernon Mwaanga have criticised the shortlisting a Dubai-based company to print Zambia’s ballot papers for the August 11 general elections.

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