Moonga accuses UPND of ‘constitutionalised’ tribalism

PAUL Moonga has branded the constitution of the UPND as a tribal document formulated to stop Zambians from other regions from taking up the leadership of the party.

Mr. Moonga, who is a Pf Member of Central Committee, claimed that he could not support the UPND because it constitutionalises tribalism which is rooted in its constitution and   practice, adding that the party leadership was promoting disunity in the county.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Moonga said it was primitive for the UPND only to work with tribesmen and wondered what the UPND meant when they claimed to be national when their tribalism was ‘‘too naked for all to see’’.

He said President Lungu was a humble and uniting figure, unlike the UPND whose ‘‘party and tribalism are inseparable’’.

Mr. Moonga said he was disappointed over the continued attacks on the Head of State by UPND leader  Hakainde Hichilema.

He said President Lungu deserved respect, saying despite the inter-party dialogue at which leaders committed to using civil language and respect, Mr. Hichilema had allegedly called President Lungu a liar without justification.

Mr. Moonga called for maturity from the Mr. Hichilema and his vice president Geoffrey Mwamba ‘‘who has made insults a trade mark of campaigns’’.

He said the PF was a listening  government, but the manner in which Mr Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba were criticizing the ruling party was divisive and provocative.

He also said the allegation that PF wanted to rig the elections was misleading because ‘‘such leadership was simplistic in character, manner, composition, depth and conduct’’.

PF provincial youth chairman Kennedy Kamba has charged that the UPND leadership has failed to instil discipline among its party members.

Mr. Kamba said the insults by Mr Mwamba w ere unacceptable and should be condemned by meaningful Zambians.

He wondered how the UPND leadership would control GBM if the party happened to form government; Mr Kamba advised Mr. Mwamba to desist from insults because Zambians were looking for mature politicians.

And Mr. Moonga said the PF adoption process was now at provincial level and it was conducting interviews for mayoral, members of Parliament and council chairpersons.

He said the party has received overwhelming response from applicants and the issue of Grade 12 was not a problem because most of the people who applied for positions  especially in rural areas were better educated.


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