UPND MP chased from Parley

CHOMA Central legislator Cornelius Mweetwa was yesterday ordered out of Parliament for refusing to comply with the Speaker’s directive after he described as ‘‘political stupidity’’ his Katuba counterpart and UPND member Jonas Shakafuswa’s gesture.

Mr Mweetwa had raised a point of order requesting the Speaker to render a ruling after Mr Shakafuswa allegedly flashed a Patriotic Front (PF) symbol in the House.

“Mr Speaker, I would like, first of all, to apologise for interrupting my brother (Derrick Livune) who was developing his thought process of the question he has. Now, sir, are we in order that as we gather here, honourable Shakafuswa can begin to raise a clenched fist of PF in this House and begin to exhibit a level of political stupidity in this House,” he said.

Mr Mweetwa’s “political stupidity” statement riled members of the Patriotic Front as the Speaker immediately intervened.

“Honourable member for Choma Central, before I make a ruling, can you please withdraw that statement? The latter part,” Dr Matibini said.

“Honourable member for Choma!  Honourable member for Choma! Honourable member for Choma! The latter part, please!” the Speaker pleaded as he raised his voice in an attempt to calm down Mr Mweetwa who was visibly incensed by Mr Shakafuswa’s PF symbol. After some minutes of hesitating, Mr Mweetwa said: “I withdraw, Mr Speaker.”

Dr Matibini asked Mr Mweetwa to take his seat. “Honourable member, take it easy. My ruling is simple because perhaps where I am positioned I am not able to observe everybody at any one time,” he said.

Before the Speaker could render his complete ruling, Mr Mweetwa was heard making running commentaries despite being guided to take his seat and take it easy.

“Do you want to beat me, we suffered for you,” Mr Mweetwa, who was visibly annoyed, asked Mr Shakafuswa, while gesturing to unbutton his jacket.

It was then Dr Matibini told the Choma parliamentarian: “I think you leave the chamber and come back tomorrow. Leave the chamber and come back tomorrow.’’

Immediately thereafter Mr Mweetwa walked out of the House as PF members on the right started chanting, “Hear! Hear! Hear! Hear!”  And Dr Matibini said it was redundant for him to render the ruling because Mr Mweetwa had left the House.

Dr Matibini appealed to members of Parliament to help maintain order in the House from all the camps.

“Help me maintain order in your groupings,” he said.

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One Response to “UPND MP chased from Parley”

  1. patrick m says:

    Brothers fighting each other why? Can somebody tell me what they are fighting for please?.


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