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GBM’s threats and insults

As Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has advised the UPND leadership to immediately take disciplinary action against GBM if the opposition political party has to gain any credibility and respect from Zambian voters or face their electoral wrath in the August polls, it is important to note that politically, the fate that is about to befall GBM had been long overdue.

His mouth has got him in trouble again (‘GBM shocks Govt over insults’, Daily Nation, April 12, 2016).

He has threatened to mobilize regime change in Zambia. Now it seems it is his regime that is about to change.

GBM has dominated the UPND public discourse. He has appeared to assume the UPND presidency or at best seems to co-lead with Hakainde Hichilema because he thinks the UPND president has ceded the space.

GBM’s ego has ballooned and he’s gone on to make bold sweeping pronouncements of policy outside the UPND hierarchy. He has threatened everybody, including Government ministers.

He has gratuitously insulted anybody who has crossed his path. At the moment he feels untouchable in the UPND.

As GBM had been touting himself as the late Michael Sata’s kingmaker, Edgar Lungu’s rivals in PF took note and backed him.

Without the backing of some powerful PF politicians, GBM would never have had the temerity to do some of the surprising things he’s been doing, to the extent of calling for regime change.

It was folly of him because those targeted were not going to curl up their heels and die.

As such came his expulsion from the PF and subsequently from Parliament as the ruling party’s MP for Kasama Central.

Mubanga Luchembe,


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