School head, cop nabbed for forgery

A SCHOOL administrator of one of the schools in Lusaka who was jointly charged with a police detective from the Zambia Police Service headquarters has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour after he admitted forging a Grade 12 clearance of results.

Philemon Phiri, 43, of Garden House, was sent to jail by Lusaka Magistrate Sheila Kalobe Mweene upon his own admission of guilty.

Phiri admitted committing the offence and told the court that he had no legal permission to forge the said document.

He told Ms Mweene to exercise maximum leniency on him as he readily admitted the charge without wasting the court’s time.

Phiri told the court that he was a family man and once sent to jail his family would suffer.

He added that he was remorseful for his action and asked the court not to give him a custodial sentence but acquit him.

His remorsefulness could not stop Ms Mweene from sending him to prison.

Ms Mweene said she had considered what was said in mitigation but she could not acquit him as the offence he committed was a serious one of which people like Phiri were not fit for society.

She said Phiri was found with a stamp in his house which clearly showed that he was in that business.

For the stated reasons Ms Mweene sentenced Phiri to 18-months imprisonment but suspended six months so that he would reform and become a responsible member of society.

Facts before court were that on the said date Frank  Waluka, a police inspector under the Para-military unit, took to Mr Abel Lungu, the assistant director training, research and development at the Zambia Police Service headquarters, a clearance for Grade 12 results for his daughter, Mundia Waluka, purpoting to show that it was genuinely issued and signed by a Mr P. Mwamba, a senior staff record officer at the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) when in fact not.

The said documents were meant to secure Mundia recruitment in the Zambia Police Service.

But when the clearance letter was verified together with the Grade 12 results by ECZ, it was found that the clearance letter and Grade 12 results were forged in that a Mr P. Mwamba was no longer working for ECZ.

ECZ made an official complaint to the Zambia Police headquarters and a case was allocated to Assistant Superintendent Mubanga who instituted further investigations which led to the apprehension of Waluka and later apprehended Phiri who readily admitted the charge.

Phiri was facing an offence of forgery contrary to the laws of Zambia.

It was alleged that Phiri and  Frank Waluka  on September 14 last year jointly and while acting together did make a false document namely a clearance of Grade 12 results for Mundia Waluka purporting to show that it was genuinely issued and signed by the Examination Council of Zambia when in fact not.

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