First round victory ours-HH

By Nation Reporter

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he will beat President Edgar Lungu in the first round of the election and that there will be no need for a re-run.

He said the UPND would not allow the Patriotic Front party to rig the August 11 general elections as they had put in place measures to prevent any manipulation.

“The UPND would beat the PF in the first round and there would be no need for a re-run. Whatever you try to do, we shall catch you. There is nothing that you will do. We don’t agree that you print ballot papers with your friends in Dubai. No, we have refused. Nothing that you are going to do will help you. We shall catch you.

“If you (President Lungu) went into government to earn more money when civil servants salaries are only K200, I will allow you to make three more international trips so that you make more allowances as you leave office in August because you have failed,” Mr Hichilema said.

He said he was already governing from outside and would stop the Patriotic Front (PF) plans to rig the August 11 general elections through the printing of ballot papers in Dubai and the use of an Israeli company Timor which had allegedly sub-contracted two local companies to carry out the scheme.

But the Electoral Commission of Zambia has dismissed the awarding of ballot paper contract to a company based in Dubai.

ECZ public relation manager Chris Akufuna, however, said bidders have been given 10 days to submit objection on the preferred bidder to print ballot papers.

The UPND leader said that he had given President Lungu four months and 14 days to leave State House as well as make the last three international trips abroad for him to make allowances.

Mr Hichilema said this yesterday in Lusaka at a press briefing where the opposition party was receiving defectors they termed ‘big fish’ from the NAREP and PF.

“I want to remind you about something because President Lungu knows he is losing on the 11th of August. What is he doing? Manipulating the election; the first manipulation is violence. After we met in church under the leadership of the bishops, we committed many things that there would be no violence going forward but the PF has continued attacking UPND members. “The second manipulation is that he (President Lungu) wants to print ballot papers with his friends in Dubai. We will not allow that. The third manipulation is through the use of Timor. You know the Timor story. It is continuing. What they have now done is that Timor has now sub-contracted two local companies to continue with the rigging scheme,” he said.

Mr Hichilema encouraged old members to welcome new members and that no one should be left behind as people had suffered and it was enough.

Among the defectors received by the UPND were former NAREP Lusaka provincial chairman Luke Chikani, NAREP chairlady Majory Mutakwa, Solwezi businessman and owner of Family 24 Fredrick Foloshi, former PF Southern province chairlady Alice Simango, former Justice permanent secretary Joseph Akafumba, Adons Mufalali from Sesheke , Lubinda Imasiku, endorsed the UPND, and Daniel Sakala from M’sanzala constituency.

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2 Responses to “First round victory ours-HH”

  1. nshilimubemba says:

    What has he done for Zambians to deserve a victory, is it not only stealing from them .What can HH brag about is it not under valuing the Zambian assets for his gain what else, can he boast about he doesn’t deserve any vote from intelligent people like me

  2. Hamanjanji Malambo says:



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