GBM to close Daily Nation

…if UPND forms government in August

GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba yesterday went ballistic, venting his anger on the Daily Nation, promising to shut down the paper and send proprietor Richard Sakala to jail over a “dossier” he claims he is holding as soon as the UPND forms Government on August 11, 2016.

He also insulted Daily Nation journalist Wallen Simwaka, calling him a bastard, fool and stupid for working for a newspaper which he claimed was pushing an agenda to ruin his political career.

This diatribe follows a story in the Sunday Nation disclosing a clandestinely recorded conversation in which a person purported to be Mr Mwamba was allegedly insulting Lusaka Province minister Mulenga Sata.

Mr Mwamba threatened that should the UPND form Government, the Daily Nation would find it difficult to continue operating and would therefore be forced to close down which would result into the suffering of individual reporters.

Mr Mwamba used graphic insults against Mr Sakala and Mr Simwaka, describing the two in one of the most cruel, uncivil and gravely offensive language.

He later called civil activist Chilufya Tayali, who posted the offending conversation on line and insulted him in vernacular and challenged him to put the insults on the internet. The insults also targeted Zambia’s ambassador to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba and PF deputy spokesman Frank Bwalya.

Mr Mwamba accused his detractors of; supporting President Edgar Lungu who he said was not a marketable product. He also said the PF was a totally ineffectual shell which was going to lose the elections to the UPND because he had single-handedly damaged the ruling party in Lusaka, Copperbelt, Northern Province and elsewhere in the country.

Mr Mwamba in his telephone conversation with Chilufya Tayali, the Zambian Voice executive director, claimed he had tonnes of maize which was ready for export but that this had been banned and an opportunity to export given to a few people.

The report stated that the recording had gone viral on social media.

Mr Mwamba also extended his anger to President Edgar Lungu and accused Mr Sakala and Mr Simwaka of enjoying huge but unaccounted for financial benefits, claiming that the Head of State was a difficult political package to sell which was why the UPND was forming the next Government.

He told Mr Simwaka to continue accepting money from President Lungu but threatened that the reporter was going to suffer for the rest of his life after August 11th when the UPND takes over Government.

Mr Mwamba banned the reporter and all Daily Nation reporters from ever attending any UPND functions, threatening that the journalist risked being physically sorted out by his boys but later in the day called again to state that he was not against being covered but that he wanted to be covered positively.

“I told you the recording was fake and you and your stupid boss went ahead to write a story in your foolish newspaper. Now listen to me, do not use my name to sell you newspaper.  You tell your stupid boss that he is very ungrateful and he should stop using my name to sell his newspaper.

“You bustards should know that I am a self-made man and I do not depend on anyone like Mr Sakala who got money from RB (Rupiah Banda) and Edgar Lungu (President) but let me warn you that we are going to deal with you individually and the newspaper. You depend on business from Government and when UPND forms government, where will you run to?” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba threatened that he was going to revive the libel cases against the Daily Nation which he had withdrawn years back and demanded that Mr Sakala should immediately pay back all the money he had given him to sustain the operations of the newspaper.

He said the article published in the Sunday Nation had as a matter of fact made him (Mwamba) and the UPND more popular and that nothing including what he termed malicious propaganda was going to stop Zambians from voting for the opposition party.

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