Why Nawakwi supports Lungu


Politics it is a game. There is nothing wrong with Ms Nawakwi supporting President Lungu. She has seen the true leadership in him and she is saying that from her experience. You will never see Ms Nawakwi  supporting HH….believe me.

Jack, Lusaka


Bravo Harry Kalaba


I would like to thank Bahati MP Hon Harry Kalaba for the development projects undertaken in his area and there is no way he will fail to be re-elected. Both MPs in Mansa district have done very well. Come 11th August we shall remember them.

Mansa resident


Ritual killings: Offer a reward


As Zambians, we are really worried and concerned by these ritual killings which could be politically motivated and yet our leaders are not saying anything about it. Could one of our leaders or the State offer a reward for people to come out and give more information leading to the arrest of the culprits.

 Concerned Zambian


Worried by phone



As an MTN subscriber my mind is deeply troubled as to why the Post taped the conversation of two prominent citizens. What is the interest of the Post in the calls? I hope Mr Kambwili and Mr Kabwe will pursue ZICTA and their respective service providers by civil suit for breach of confidentiality by failure to put preventive action.

Marvin Chanda Mberi, MTN subscriber


 We need food security law


We need a food security law in Zambia due to the food shortages in neighbouring countries. Government should be the only agency dealing in the maize business because the private sector has betrayed the trust. Therefore all maize and maize product exports should be left to the Government alone and only excess grain should be sold.

Adeodatus Matafwali, Lusaka


Nyamuka competition  unfair


Allow me space in your newspaper to air my views on the management of Nyamuka business plan competition. These people have invited everyone who qualifies for this competition across the country to enter by paying K150 as entry fee when they are only found in Lusaka and on the Copperbelt. I feel this is segregation of the worst kind because they have sidelined other provinces. This also happened last year. They should have conducted auditions in all the 10 provinces.

Chitamuka Joel, Samfya


 Teach ‘yaah, yaah’ MPs a lesson


The hour has come to teach the non-performing MPs. They distanced themselves from us and now they are showing up with sweet talk. Be reminded that this time your yaah, yaah, yaah shouts in Parliament shall vote for you.

Smart voter



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