Those senseless murders


The residents of Lusaka’s Zingalume and George townships have the ability to bring to an end the senseless killings in their community.

It is inconceivable that killings would be going on and nobody knows anything about them.

We doubt this because it is a known fact that the residents know each other and they know the citizens and the criminal elements.

It is important for the community to note that even if Police had to launch investigations, they would depend on the goodwill of the residents of Zingalume and George townships to get to the bottom of the crime syndicates.

Criminals do not strike in an area they are unfamiliar with. It is either have visited or indeed live in the midst of the people they want to steal from.

It is difficult to understand how the murderers would strike eight times without being seen by anybody in the community.

Does it mean the people of Zingalume and George township are not crime-conscious to detect criminal minds in their midst?

We are made to believe that some residents know something about the senseless killings and would give leads to the Police.

Of interest in unlocking the mystery about the heinous crime is to find out whether it is possible for those being killed to undergo their brutal ordeal without screaming?

 Are the killers known to the victims and can easily be lured by the attackers without suspicion?

While Zambia currently has no law permitting organ harvesting, allowing such heinous crime may breed suspicion that they could be a secret trade going on.

The Government should be alive to the fact that human organ harvesting is a lucrative business in the countries where the practice is legal. It fetches a lot of money to trade in human organs.

Those are possibilities that should be investigated to rule out or even prove that organ harvesting as an illegal trade is a reality in Zambia.

But as we have said, it is important for the residents of Zingalume and George township to get to the bottom of the story of what really is happening and cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

Without this cooperation, the Police cannot do anything extraordinary.

While the Police may have investigative skills, they are nothing in a community where residents are tight-lipped about the secrets of the hidden crime as the case is in Zingalume and George township.

We appeal to the people of Zingalume and George townships to be patriotic enough and root out the bad citizens.

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