Another murder victim found


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ANOTHER person has been found brutally murdered in Lusaka’s Zingalume compound in suspected ritual murder.

This comes barely few weeks after police picked up four bodies with missing parts near a place called “The Paradise” in George township which is adjacent to Zingalume.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed the incident in Lusaka yesterday and identified the victim as 21-year-old Amon Sichamba of Zingalume.

And the Zambia Medical Association has dismissed assertions that the brutal killings and removal of body parts could be linked to an illegal medical transplantation syndicate, saying the way the bodies of victims were savagely cut up suggested ritual murder.

Mr. Hamoonga said Mr Sichamba’s body parts such as the heart, private parts and ears were removed.

“We picked up a body today (yesterday) around 09 hrs of a male person aged 21 years in Zingalume compound who was identified by his elder brother. The body had no heart, private parts and both ears were removed although one was found on the body,” Mr. Hamoonga said.

And police have discovered the missing private parts and an ear believed to belong to the deceased.

And a check by the Daily Nation in the area yesterday found residents attempting to stage a protest but were quickly cleared off by anti-riot police.

The residents accused the police of not doing much to apprehend the culprits.

But Mr. Hamoonga appealed to residents to remain calm, stating that the police were doing everything possible to bring the criminals behind the killings to book.

He warned that residents resorting to violence would not help in addressing the problem but would rather worsen the situation.

“We would like to make an earnest appeal to the people that we are doing everything possible within our means to bring the criminals behind these heinous crimes to book,” he said.

Mr. Hamoonga also appealed to people that might have information regarding the ritual killings to report to the police.

“We are also appealing to persons that may have any information that may lead to the apprehension and subsequent prosecution of these criminals to come forward to the police.”

And Kapwepwe Ward 25 councillor Maurice Piyo called for unity and cooperation between the residents and the police.

Mr. Piyo feared that more people would be killed in the area if no quick action was taken by both the police and residents.

“The people of Kapwepwe ward may wish to remember that in the past when we got united and worked with the police, we managed to find the culprits who used to chop off people’s ears in the area and I appeal for the same vigilance in tackling this new challenge,” Mr. Piyo said.

And Zambia Medical Association president Aaron Mujajati has dispelled assertions that the recent brutal killings could be linked to medical organ harvests for transplantation.

Dr Mujajati said the manner in which the incisions were being done was inconsistent with professional medical practice of organ harvesting.

“These people are literally being butchered, it is being done in a very unprofessional manner which suggest that the organs are not being harvested to be reused for medical transplants.

“From me, my professional observation is that this is more of ritual killings than for medical use,” he said.

He was responding to inquiries on whether the recent killings involving missing body parts on victims of recent killings in Lusaka could be linked to the international black market for body parts used in medical organ transplantation.

In Zambia, organ transplantation was yet to be legislated as there was only tissue and blood transfusion and skin grafting as the commonly known transplants taking place locally.


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