Watch out for soothsayers – ZDDM


By Nation Reporter

ZAMBIANS should be careful with soothsayers who think that they can address the challenges the country is facing overnight because national economies are dependent on external factors over which we have no control, the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has charged.

Vice president Charles Kafumbo told the Daily Nation yesterday that those who were ‘‘muscling themselves for leadership by engaging in mudslinging and projecting those in powers as failures’’ in order to gain political recognition were headed for failure. Mr. Kafumbo said Zambians should never be lured to experiment with leadership by voting for those who had no idea what national leadership was about but were preoccupied with what they had attained at personal level because the country would be plunged into an abyss of economic deterioration which would never be reversed. He said Zambia’s economic recovery needed level-headedness and not unattainable dreams because national economies where determined by forces of demand and supply on the international market coupled with experienced planning.

He said the ZDDM had opted to support the ruling Patriotic Front because it believed it was the only party that had a clear vision to bail out the country from its economic challenges which he said had already showed some signs of recovery.

“This general election is not for speculation and experiments because if we are not careful as a country we can end up ushering in a government that doesn’t even know what it means to address the challenges that people are going through,’’ he said.

He said his party pledged its support for the PF out of principle and not individual benefit like other political parties had gone into marriages of convenience with others with the hope that if those they supported won they would benefit.

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