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Youths should keep away from violence

I wish to appeal to all fellow youths in our country to desist from acts of political violence.

One thing we youths fail to understand is that these politicians are just using us for their political gains.

Once you are arrested or you are injured, you cease to be relevant in their selfish interests.

The only people who will visit your sick bed are only your poor parents.

Please, let’s learn to do a ‘‘donchi kubeba’’ to politicians who are fond of using us in their evil acts.

Once you are given money eat it but refuse to perform their evil acts.

Analytical youth



Why no jobs for Grade 12s?


Why is it that there are no employment opportunities these days for Grade 12 certificate holders? Youths are struggling because it is not everyone who has the opportunity to go to college or university after completing school due to lack of financial support.  Government should look into the matter.

Solomon Gift Michelo, Lusaka.


The mealie meal shortage  


I have looked at the situation of mealie meal production with some concern. It has come to my knowledge that some millers who are eligible to draw maize from FRA are giving their  allocations to illegal businessmen/women who are selling mealie meal at a higher price. The best the Government should do is to have ZNS/OP stationed at milling plants and accompanying every delivery.

DK, Lusaka.



Visionless opposition leaders


Enough about these visionless opposition leaders. Let us review what great things Edgar Lungu has done for Zambia during the shortest period of time. He has managed to finish what late Michael Sata lined up.

Street vendor Danny.


Local musicians promoting nudity 


I love musicians but hate the way some of them look at the State especially the misrepresentation of women. Our mothers in the nude appear as tools to lure revellers to enjoy their functions. A woman’s body whether on the stage, road or in the kitchen must be covered with dignity. And the bad language in some of the songs makes us doubt our declaration of a Christian nation. Our culture should not be blurred by importation of foreign practices if we are to conquer STIs by developing good behavioural change.




Kabimba should leave UPND alone


I would like to urge Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba to focus on building his party than waste his precious time  attacking the UPND and its economic recovery policies. The UPND plans and policies cannot be compared to any political party in Zambia. The party has leaders who are ready to revive the economy which has been heavily affected by PF’s poor policies. If Mr. Kabimba has nothing to do, it is good that he keeps quiet and concentrates on selling his party to the electorate. UPND is busy preparing to take over power after August 11 so that able leaders fix the economy.

Mweemba Simuliampondo





Beware of greedy leaders


I am urging my fellow voters to beware of political leaders who are greedy and only want to be voted to Plot 1 so that they start relaxing and enjoying taxpayers’ money. These are leaders who want to put Zambia on fire and run away to safe countries leaving behind the poor. We should therefore vote for leaders who will promote unity and co-existence in our country.





Consign defectors to the junk yard


UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has clearly stated that once UPND forms government in August this year, it will bring in a new breed of fresh-thinking leaders, not recycled politicians  (Daily Nation, Friday 1, 2016) “Wynter Kabimba annoys  UPND”. So all of you defecting to UPND should know that there is nothing for you there. Otherwise you will be deposited into the archives or thrown in a junk yard.





We know them


Former Vice President Guy Scott, Chongwe lawmaker Sylvia Masebo and Democratic Front leader (de-registered) Miles Sampa.  These people ran away from PF. Let them talk, go round the country but they won’t win people’s hearts. We know them.  

Mr Kambo.



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