‘Sampa Cabinet desires shocking’


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IT IS not about becoming Cabinet minister that makes one a potential leader of a country but the manner in which that individual interacts with the people or conducts himself or herself, says Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) executive director Henry Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga said he was shocked by remarks by former Commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa alleging that if President Michael Sata was still alive today he would be a full Cabinet minister by now.

Mr Mulenga said Mr Sampa was not ready to be a leader because a leader should not be bitter but instead have tolerance to save the people.

‘‘Mr Sampa resigned (from Government) because he could not stand being where he was without realizing that the presidency is God-given and it is not a guarantee that if someone is Cabinet minister, that can ascend him to the presidency,” he said.

He said Mr Sampa’s bitterness would take him nowhere because he had no patience, saying that more was expected to be heard about him following the memorandum of understanding he signed with the opposition UPND.

Mr Mulenga advised Mr Sampa, who is leader of the deregistered Democratic Front, to accept what he was and stop being bitter as that would show the type of a leader he was.

“It is surprising to see Mr Sampa coming out with such bitterness; and his claims that had his late uncle Sata not died he would have been made Cabinet minister shows the type of a leader he is, forgetting that it is not becoming Cabinet minister that makes you the next President, but the manner in which you interact with people or conduct yourself.

‘‘We wonder how UPND will work with him and what portfolio he would be given in the unlikely circumstances that UPND formed government, because he appears to be an individual who is only interested in being in big positions and nothing else,” he said.

Mr Sampa said at a press briefing on Tuesday that he was a hard working MP who deserved to be a full Cabinet minister but that President Edgar Lungu could not see his potential and sacrifice for the ruling Patriotic Front party, adding that after the January 2015 elections he was ripe for a full Cabinet position having agreed to campaign for President Lungu.

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