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WITH the phone-tapping saga now in the hands of the police, we hope that Zambians will get to know the truth and measures to be taken to bring an end to this illegal act.

There is no doubt that the phone-tapping saga and publication of the conversation of Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili and Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe had unsettled many subscribers.

It is not an understatement to state that in the last few weeks many phone subscribers have been afraid to even compliment their loved ones on the phone for fear of having their conversations tapped.

The conversations might not have been for publication but just the feeling of ‘‘maybe our discussion was tapped’’ has a chilling effect on anyone.

Even an innocent conversation being tapped and mishandled and published goes a long way in damaging one’s self-esteem.

It also goes to discourage use of modern-day technology that phones have come with, thereby making citizens confined to out-dated ways of conducting business. 

This feeling should not be the order of the day among ordinary peace-loving Zambians who, in their usual peace-loving manner, want to be a happy people.

The insecurity should be among criminals who would like to sabotage the security of the nation and also engage in illicit activities which border on financial crimes.

This is the reason why we encourage Mr Kambwili to pursue this matter to its logical conclusion so that the culprit or offending party can be exposed.

But the expose’ should not end there as it should be used as a beginning of corrective measures.

It is important to forgive but forgiveness without appropriate punishment is a disservice to efforts to resolve a ‘‘cancer’’.

There could be many people whose conversation have been tapped or recorded who are suffering at the hands of blackmailers.

It is expected that after the investigation solutions and suggestions could be found on how to come out of such situations.

We do not expect the police to start dragging their feet over Mr Kambwili’s complaint as procrastination is the thief of time.

With the general election approaching in August this year, we would not want some candidates pulling out of the race on account of blackmail by those who have the means of tapping phones.

Our expectation is for all Zambians to feel safe to use their phones in conversations and business transactions.

This is the reason we are urging the police to take up the manner and apply themselves to the case so that the results could be a basis for a better environment for telecommunications business.


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