IG warns brutal ‘shishita’ police


By Nation Reporter

INSPECTOR General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says the presence of officer cadets around some compounds in Lusaka should enhance security of the citizens and not maltreatment of innocent residents.

Mr Kanganja said members of the public must report any officers found involved in the reported brutalizing of innocent citizens to police stations nearest to their locations.

This was in response to media reports that trainee police officers have engaged in violent attacks on innocent members of the public found in and around bars and bottlestores in the name of maintaining peace following the discovery of bodies with missing parts believed to be ritual murders in George compound.

“The deployment of the recruits in Lusaka is aimed at enhancing security of citizens in the city. It is very wrong for people to be brutalized and made to pay; please you are advised to report such to the nearest police station for possible action,” he said.

There have been reports from various parts of Lusaka of people being beaten and made to pay admission of guilt for the charge of loitering (shishita) despite not there being a known curfew.

Some people have complained that they were picked up from bars and later beaten before being released.

Others have reportedly been apprehended getting out of vehicles such as taxis and charges with loitering when the vehicles were dropping them at their homes.

Earlier in the week, police spokesperson explained that there was no order for a national curfew for the officers to be demanding admission of guilt fees from suspects, but that some people were only kept at police stations for their safety.

This was after some people complained that they were being brutalised and forced to pay K55 as admission of guilt fees for loitering.

Police recruits were deployed in most parts of the townships in Lusaka following a rise in killings and general rise in lawlessness in residential areas.

Police have said “shishita” was illegal and no longer exists and the police recruits were only there to safeguard the people in the communities.

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