Wynter Kabimba annoys UPND

It is wrong for Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba to allege that nothing will improve if Zambians voted UPND into power ‘‘because we have clear policies that spell out what we shall do to improve the situation in the country’’, says United Party for National Development spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

He said UPND would bring in a new breed of fresh-thinking leaders when it formed Government because the country could not progress was because of recycled leadership.

Mr Kakoma was reacting to Mr. Kabimba’s statement that Zambians had always made a mistake of changing governments since 1991.

Mr Kabimba said the changes that Zambians have desired have not met their expectations and that even if they were to vote for UPND this year, nothing would change because it had the same policies with the PF.

But Mr. Kakoma said his party did not have policies  similar to those of any other party in Zambia. He said the UPND had the remedy to the suffering the Zambians were going through because it had properly spelt out measures to mitigate the challenges that affected various sectors of the economy.

He said once his party formed government; it would make a number of adjustments in various sectors in line with its policies in order to ensure that the problems that were facing the country were addressed.

“The UPND and the PF do not have the same policies. Actually, the UPND’s policies cannot be compared to any other political party in Zambia because we have a different way we want to address the challenges that are facing the country.

‘‘How can Mr. Kabimba say that we have the same policies when we have constantly condemned the way they (PF) have been doing things in the education sector, agriculture and many others where we feel much needed to be done?

“Right now we have two of our universities which have been closed with meal allowances for students scrapped off but for us, we have promised Zambians that we shall give them free education and so, the welfare of students will be looked at differently from what is happening now under the PF and so, it is wrong for Mr. Kabimba to allege that we have same policies because that is not true,” Mr. Kakoma said.

He said the UPND will pay particular attention to the agriculture sector by subsiding production because channelling resources to reduce prices for commodities was proving to be an impossibility going by the current situation where the harder Governmnet tried to bring down the price of goods, the more the situation got complicated.

He said the reason why Zambia had not seen the change they had been anticipating since 1991 was because there was only change of political parties in power but the same individuals who had failed the people in previous regimes were brought back in government, thereby making the situation remain the same.

“Zambians are suffering because the current policies are working against them. When we form governmnet, we will ensure that we subsidise the production in the agriculture sector as opposed to subsidising cost so that our farmers can produce at a cheaper rate. This will not only increase production, but will also reduce prices for commodities. We will also provide sound economic management by cutting unnecessary expenditure.

“The reason why there has been no meaningful change despite parties being voted in and out is that the same people have continued to govern. We want to bring a breed of fresh leadership,” he said.



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