UPND vice president ‘evicted’


UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda yesterday suffered humiliation when his landlady in PHI, Chali Tumelo, evicted him out of a house he has occupied for the last 10 years for allegedly failing to meet the lease conditions.

Dr Banda was evicted out of the house on plot 22998/22999.

The Daily Nation, which rushed to the scene, found Dr Banda packing his belongings while his landlady waited for the house keys to be handed over to her after instructing him to renovate the house before leaving.

A quarrel erupted between Ms Tumelo and Dr Banda’s younger sister whose name was withheld as he (Banda) was busy packing his belongings and at the same time supervising people who were renovating the house as he watched the verbal war helplessly.

Ms Tumelo said Dr Banda had been failing to meet the lease conditions.

She accused Dr Banda of always being arrogant when it was time for him to pay rent.

Ms Tumelo alleged that Dr Banda had been a difficult tenant in paying rentals.

“He has been staying in my house for 10 years and when it’s time for paying rentals, he becomes arrogant; so I thought the best thing to do was just to evict him and find someone who would pay me on time,” she said.

Ms Tumelo said Dr Banda was given a three-month notice to vacate the house but he decided to ignore it until her lawyers took up the matter.

She said the court order was on the way and her lawyers told her that she was free to inspect her house any day as stipulated in the lease.

But Dr Banda described the eviction as political persecution by some people who were trying to taint his name because he was a politician. He said he did not owe Ms Tumelo any money as of yesterday when he was asked to vacate the house.

“It is very evil and sad; I don’t owe anyone any cent, no. I am actually spending money on a property that is not even mine. This is what I am doing right now,” Dr Banda said.

He said his 10 years of tenancy showed confidence and compliance.

Dr Banda said it was unfortunate that he had been accused of not paying rent after occupying the house for 10 years.

He, however, said he would forgive his landlady and anybody involved in the spirit of peace, love and oneness.


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